Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear friends...let us pray for this not let satan be 'happy' and dancing in hell ..that he got 'big fish'...let start praying daily to Saint Michael Archangel...!!!!!..and do not condemn him...just pray for him...he need a prayers...he is still Jesus is" Year of the Priests"...Bozena

Javier Bosque sick in a coma; please pray

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer. Amen Mary

Good morning Prayer Warriors. George got through the procedure on Monday with them putting in three more stents ! The cardiologist said he may possibly be a "bionic man" now. We know that it was by the "Saving Grace of our Dear Lord" that the surgeons hands were successful, and also the " FAITH AND PRAYERS "of you Prayer Warriors !!! WOW !!!
George will come home on antibiotics for the pneumonia and several doctors appointments.

Do I believe in miracles ? "I TRUST IN THEM" !!!

All Glory to God,



Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:6"So then, we are always full of good, hopeful and confident courage!"

(The earlier mails are marked in red)

Dear Brother Jay Hastings,


1. For Siny who gave birth to twin boys. Both children and mother are doing well. The doctors who had long ago given up termed it as a miracle. All praise, glory and honour to God.

For Siny whose pregnancy is not doing too good. The doctors are hoping that if she could cross another 10 days safely, probably they would take out the baby.
(For Siny who has suffered from 2 miscarriages. Now she is expecting again and scanning shows its twins. The doctors have put stitches on her uterus so that the baby doesn't get aborted. She has to take bed rest totally and should not move at all. Siny's mind is in total turmoil as the pregnancy is now 5 months and she is scared. )

2. Santamma's son is going whole-heartedly to the same college and continuing his studies without any fuss. Santamma has conveyed her thanks to all who prayed for her son. She says that finally God has changed her son.

(Please continue praying for Santamma's son who has stopped going to college. They are trying to get a seat in some other college but nothing has worked out so far.)

3. Rosy aunty is doing fine now. Thanks for all your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Rosy aunty who has recovered from fever but is going through severe pain in the joints and finds it difficult to walk.

Psalms 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble'


1. From Shyla - Remember I had sent a prayer request for a baby born in the 6th month, passed away 2 weeks back. I got the info just this morning from my sis-in-law.
(Please pray for Deepu's and Sherin's baby. Sherin delivered a baby girl when she was still in her 6th month of pregnancy. Baby is very critical and in ICU since time of birth. Actually Doctors had told 100% baby will not survive but it’s a miracle that she did for the last 11 days….. baby was very critical few days back her lungs started bleeding… now that is like ok. Please forward to the prayer group. The family is shattered. )
2. From Shyla - Request you to pls pray for one of my candidate’s wife (Mr. Akilan’s wife), she’s admitted in St. Johns hospital and is quite serious. They have a 5 year old son and a 5 month old baby. Akilan has already resigned from his job and was about to join another company on Oct 1st, but because of his wife’s health problems and also taking care of his kids things are very difficult for him. He’s very discouraged. Pls pray that our Lord will take control over this situation and will strength his wife and the entire family.
3. Mr.Adams passed away. Please pray for Mrs.Adams.
(For Mr and Mrs Adams - They have no kids and are totally dependant on whatever help they get from me and a niece who is a teacher. Mr Adams had a fall 3 days ago and in the ICU. He has broken his hip and chances of recovery are slim. I however need to raise some funds to pay for his hospital bill which is already at a real high! He is 84 and she is 75 years old. (This mail is from my friend and I have already send it to all of you. Please continue to pray for them)

4. For Emil, 9 years who had a fall 25 feet below at school. His jaw has been broken and cheeks badly injured . He has to go through surgery to come back to normalcy.

Warm regards and prayers,
St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael Pray for us.

Requesting you to pray for Lina - who has been sick quite often andsickness has not be diagonised yetand for Rufina - Cancer patient report not so good, Pearl & bridgetsuffering from blood cancer.Seraphim suffering from cancer and his family.also pray for Shirley, derek, jovita, maria, robin, sujith, helen,john and janet.Sarita

Angela Hill - stage 4 colon cancer - spread to liver -surgery scheduled for Sept.29/2009 Gary

Monday, September 28, 2009

In thanksgiving for 46yrs of marriage. Pray for my husband Ron to convert to the catholic faith. Also for our sons to come back to the faith and for our son Jim to bring his wife and children with him into the faith. Also for Ronnie for healing and peace and back to faith . Also for Denise for healing and protection while we are on our trip for our Anniversary. Going to Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge and also to make our vows over in canada with Fr Doucette at Holy Mass. Thanks so much . Fran

Dear brothers,
God bless you all
I want the group to pray for my father which is sick after a car accident he stay quadriplegic
God help him to get strength and accept what he is going through.
Thanks so much

The following are prayers requests for; Gina M; Lou Ann S; - Queen of Peace parishioners....Moonye O (30 yr. old lady w/cancer and stroke survivors from Baptist Hospital .

Please pray for Joseph Thomas T who is dying of esophogial cancer.Thank you, Pam

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Please pray for Papa Joe (Joseph Deptula). He doesn't have much time left with us and I pray that he goes straight to heaven or that his purgatory is very, very short. Thank you and God Bless. Helen

for Alex fugoso,Dianne and John Nemier ND dESSA sMITH. M

for all those who were affected by the storm Ondoy please they needs our prayers. M

Dear Praying Family....Would you please pray for 3 year old, Evelyn, who was seriously burned all over her little body when a carafe of scalding hot coffee fell on her. She's had extremely painful skin grafts; her screaming has affected her internal organs. Your generous prayers are appreciated. God bless you! C

Please pray for my family.Their is greed, sickness.selfishless.I do for everyone and get treated unfair.My stress leval is way up there.Thank You! C

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Danny V operation on Thursday Please pray Brian T.


1. For Shimoen who has completed 3 months of her pregnancy. Since she is 40 years old, the pregnancy is in high-risk category and needs a lot of care and rest. Please pray that our Lord sustains her and blesses her with a baby. Also her husband doesn't earn very well. Please pray for all their needs.

2. For Liza's husband V. to give up his drinking habits.

3. For Shaji and family as they desire to re-locate to India from the US. They wish to know God's will in this matter.

4. For Saramma who has gone through intense physical and mental turmoil in her life.

5. For my family to draw closer to God. For my mental health - to be set free from all bondages of darkness.

6. For Pa. to be healed of her anger outbursts.

7. For Amal, 8 year old boy, who underwent a major surgery. His family is struggling financially and emotionally too.

8. For Binoy and Nimmy who are longing to have a baby.

9. For a lady(don't know the name) who has been physically and mentally abused for many years by her husband and has now lodged a complaint with the police. She is undergoing psychiatric treatment now.

10. For T. going through psychiatric treatment .

Thank you Brother for upholding each of these requests in prayer.


Please let our Prayer Warriors know we have an Awesome up-date on George. The team of cardiologists and pulmonary doctors have been putting their heads together all week, going over x-rays, echo grams, tests and blood work, and they have come to the conclusion that since George has pneumonia, it would be to risky to undergo the triple bypass surgery. They have decided on another procedure that will place stents to open up the blockage. They go through the groin for this. This morning they placed the first two stents in the left arteries, and if all goes well this weekend they will place the third stent in the right artery on Monday. Praise God !!! This will give George time to recover from the pneumonia and IF he needs more surgery, he'll be ready for it.
On September 23rd, The feast of Saint Padre Pio, George placed a first class relic to Saint Pio on his heart and prayed that the intercessory prayers from our heavenly saints, our heavenly family members and the prayers of his earthly Prayer Warriors would be heard.

George and I feel that our prayers have been answered and he is going to be just fine.

Prayer Warriors, THANK YOU !!!

I will let you know how the stents are working on Monday.

All Glory to God,

Susan Mellen called today to ask that her husband's name, Phillip M, be added to the prayer list. He now has prostate cancer, along with other problems.

Also, for deceased, please add Jeanne Dennis, aunt of Susan M, who died last week.


Barbara K

1. Please pry for emotional, spritual and phycological healing for my son Kevin and free from all anxity and phobia.
2. Please pray my other son Trevine to be able to cope withhis studies and also heale his physical illneses.
3. Please pray for pease and joy of risen Christ rain in our family


+JMJMy sweet Jesus...I want to Thank You !...for all the blessing You are showering me...Praise You Jesus, You are my love and my life!Praise Jesus, are You ,all I want !Lord Jesus, just do not take the Holy Spirit from me ! B

Saint Faustina please pray to God to change Jonathan, Amen. Sarah

I would like to attend the 2nd world congress of the divine mercy which will be held in Poland ,where Pope John Paul II and St. Faustina birth place,please pray for me.that will on 2011.thank you St. Faustina please hear my prayer request. Mary

Conversion for our son & his family, Frank Carpenter,jr.For good health for my mom; Margaret Wanek , Joan

For my mothers healing. She is unable to walk for three months now. Doctors can find nothing wrong with her hip. Too many health issues to share. Under my care. Thank you for praying for a good outcome. A

For my mother to heal from debilitating pain in her hip and back. She has been unable to walk for three and a half months. She is under my care and I cannot be paid for my services or she will lose every asset she has worked her life for. I have three small children and was going back to work this year but cannot do so now because of my mothers needs. I am greatful to have the strength and good health to care for my mother but am struggling emotionally as my family is under extreme financial duress as well. Please, pray that my husbands business picks up (he is self employed) that we might stay in our home and I will be able to care for my mother as long as she needs. A

Father, in the name of Jesus, please heal our son of his anxiety and depression. E


Dear Friends....I am asking You - to join our hearts in prayer... ..for Clara - she is going for MRI next month ,John P- young 26 yrs old is in hospital...and again for that little angel - Natalie - she will need a second heart, please, please if You belong to any prayer groups,Legion of Mary...or offer a decade of Holy Rosary or Holy Hour for them....Thank You, Thank You for responding to this call..God Bless You all ! Bozena


Please pray fro our 42 year old daughter who had cardiac arrest in May....'sudden death''..., her short term memory is terribly impaired still , has much more rehab to go through.
Her name is ''Hope'' Spuzello , has 2 young boy's , thank you and thank you St. Faustina !

Deanna Bintner , in Mary + ...Iowa !

for Jesus sake please pray for Sherif and all his family tree members.God Bless you. M

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I desperately need people to pray for me because I am addict. I have been for so many years. I gave my life to God when my boyfriend died last Christmas Eve from a drug over dose. I've received the greatest gift from God and that was the gift of receiving the Holy Spirit!!!! I have never FELT like that in my entire life!! I was soooo at peace and soooo in love with Jesus that I really can't explain it properly. Unfortunately, I have become weak again and started abusing my medication in which I cannot seam to get under control....please pray for me!!!!! Thanking you all in advanceGod Bless!!Chantale

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jay please pray for my friend Delia G who is now in the hospital of cadiac arrest and she is in CCU.God bless.,mary sumallinog.

Please pray for my aunt Elizabeth who has lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.Thanks Debbie

Please pray for Marie. She goes out late, does not come home, and thinks she has a right to do so since she is in college. Her social life is more important than her academics. Please pray for her total conversion.Please pray for Eileen to return home before prophised events start. Thank you and God Bless. Helen

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angela Hill - stage 4 colon cancer - spread to liver -surgery scheduled for Sept.29/2009 Gary

Sherri, bone cancerBetsy, cancerGabe, cancerRosalie, Triple Heart Surgery, Sept. 22Cristina and Cassie.....Mother and daughter..... left home and relatives ......... very little correspondenceJoan ........ losing weight and hopefully tests willhelp find her problems....Darlene and husband..........marital problemsEileen and husband............." "Jay...........needs prayersScott and find Gods Divine Will . Elizabeth

healing of body and God's will in my life. Kathy

Return of family members to the Faith. Kathy

Mr Hasting ; Please pray for the conversion for my family ( Martin, Therese, Colleen, My grandsons Chris, Robin, and my nephew Daryl. Also pray that my problem wth my eyesight. be healed I am slowly losing my eyesight from my left eye Thank you and may God,Jesus,Mary and St Joseph pray for you and all the members of The Divine Mercy Agnes.

Please pray for me and my family. For our financial distress and spirituall welfareof my children. MA

A home, better finances and our marriage blessed.Our Lord and Our Lady and St Joseph know as I have been praying, thank you so muich and God Bless Mary

Please pray for a young woman named Rita. She thought she had a cold, but she has cancer in and on both of her lungs. She is in the hospital. It will take a miracle for her, but with God all things are possible. Please pray for her parents and sister too. Thank you. Donna

Dear Prayer Warriors, I am in need of prayers for George. On August 15th I took George to the E.R, with a possible heart attack. They found blood clots in both lungs and said he had pneumonia.After three days in the hospital, they sent him home on blood thinners and a cardiologist appointment On September 18th he went in for a procedure that landed him back in the hospital. He is awaiting a triple bypass. Two arteries are 90% closed, one artery is 80% closed. George has water in the lungs, and they are doing everything possible to work with that problem. Being on blood thinners and being diabetic is problematic also. They have put him on a medication so his kidneys don't fail ( diabetic medication and the dye they use for the heart surgery are not compatible). They did a procedure today, September 21st , that put a filter between the heart and the lungs to catch any blood clots that might dislodge during the bypass surgery. They have to take him off the blood thinners before surgery. The cardiologist told us they are doing a "fine tune up" before they do the "major tune up". They are doing everything possible to make this a safe and successful surgery. Please put George on your prayer list and on any other prayer lines that you may be aware of. We do not have a date for surgery as that depends on the water in the lungs.

All Glory to God,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Please pray for Taryn Krier, Barry Wilson and Billie Wilson. Thanks, GB

Please pray for my wife rose who now has terminal cancer... spread from the bowel to the liver, and now in the lungs. God Bless, Clarence M