Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Friends
.....please, please pray for this little baby James ( is 1 week old)...Blessed Mother Teresa and her nuns in Calcutta always prayed ' Emergency Novena'...- Nine Memorare's...
Please, also ask all Your friends to join us to pray..
Mathew 18: 20
In Arms of Mary

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please pray for Peter Crowe. Thanks, J

Monday, September 27, 2010

for the healing of my ear - normal pressure in ears, heavy colds and cough, be able to find a church and attend Sunday Mass, meet and be friends with m, meet good Catholic friends, Eli's healing, reconversion of a relative

Recieved a prayer request to pray for a young man - ANTHONY, serious with dengue and in a critical condition in the ICU - Please pray for him and the family


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pray For Ed and his family. G

Please pray for Larry Carroll, who just found out he has prostrate cancer. May the Lord Heal him. Also, for Stephanie who is pregnant and is having problems, pray that the Lord will heal the baby and she will not abord it.For Trish & Joey Massar that they have a healthy, normal, spriitfilled, beautiful baby.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especially for the grace to be humble and to beg for God's mercy for all of my family and those in my prayers. Thank you

Deacon Frank Larker - back problemAndrew Lafferty - brain tumor GB

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LORD i pray for YOUR mercy for my son vivek to get ajob and to be aworthy finances suffer due to his make my son ahard working
Dear St. Faustina would You please ask our BlessedMother Mary to please plead our family's prayers to JESUS,and that HE will not forsake us ,we need a lot ofhealing and help,especially for our son who has notgone to Church much and probably will be coaxed byhis girlfriend to marry outside of the Church. i have beenthe lousiest of teachers and ask for JESUS' total forgive-ness,i beg all of this ,in the MOST HOLY NAME of JESUS,Amen
Please St. Faustina i pray the Chaplet of DIVINE MERCY everyday and now i have the biggest problem of my lifethat i have not been a good Catholic in training my son in the Faith,and the realization is pouring down on me,please St. Faustina,beg our Blessed Mother Mary tointercede for me with The HOLY SPIRIT that i instructmy son in such a way that idon't drive him away from the Faith,i beg this in the MOST HOLY NAME of JESUS,Amen
St. Faustina would You please thank St. Raphael forhelping me in my prayers and ask Him to continue tointercede for me to JESUS through the Blessed Mother Mary,and please thank all of the Good Angels andSaints for helping us and please ask them to continueto help us especially with our son and my counselingto him as his father,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Dear St. Faustina please intercede with our BlessedMother Mary to JESUS that HE hears our prayersespecially for our son i beg this through Mother Maryand St. Joseph ,St. Michael,St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael,and all of the Good Archangels, Good Angels,and Good Guardian Angels,and Saints in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
St. Faustina please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to askJesus to totally protect and totally heal our son and our family past present and future now and forever,andplease ask JESUS to gently bring our son back to the Faith before it is too late,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
That we have absolutely more than sufficient degrees,depths, intensities,
pervasiveness, quality, quantities of: the supernatural virtues,
purity,chastity,the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and the beatitudes
so as to absolutely assure with an iron clad God's guarantee that every
fiber and cell of our prayers are fully, completely, permanently realized -
for so many souls, for so many prayers for healings and growth in sanctity,
sightedness, life long ever deepening, genuine, sincerest: [life long + ever
deepeningly more thorough, pervasive, intensive [conversions, metanoia, gut
wrenching repentance and penintential and sacrificial living, ever deepening
perfect life long contrition, weepings,wailings, lamentations, sorrows (ever
deepening more intensive and thorough, pervasive, heart and gut wrenching
sorrow for our sinfulness and sin in general and how it really hurts God and
lets Him down], healings of every fiber and cell of [spiritual blindness,
absolute life long renewal of minds and circumcision of hearts, hearts
transformed to hearts of complete flesh and into a truly burning furnace of
love for the crucified Christ and Mary and for their fellow man (especially
towards the poor,impoverished,sickly,elderly,dying, the moderately to
severely vulnerable, enemies etc), healings & cleansings of every fiber and
cell of: scorched, scarred, seared, burnt, broken, damaged: [consciences,
minds, memories, emotions, psychological, mental, physiological, spiritual
problems etc] complete and permanent renewal of minds and awesome God
infused, inspired, continuously guided, directed,shapped, formed, with His
awesome infinite vast oceans of wisdom help and assistance being constantly
poured out to powerfully push and unrelentlessly advance a number of
technologies to improve the lot of mankind: such as perfectly, pristinely,
fully green and clean magnificent advances:[a)with not a fiber nor cell of
harmful by product, used fuel, emissions] b) in miniaturization, c) and
perfectly light weight as needed by function, d) with perfect, pristine
reliability and durability, e) with not a fiber nor cell of harmful, nor
caustic: spent fuel, residue, used fuel f) metals or alloys etc capable of
easily handling any temperatures -no matter how high, and any range of
temperatures - no matters how wide nor how radical + also extremely light
weight and pristinely structurely sound, strong and fully capable for a
lifetime of use: in the nuclear fussion, fission, matter and antimatter,
gravity and antigravity and hydrogen engines; f) unrelentless growth in less
and less costly yet perfectly clean, green and renewable energy sources for
all aircraft [and spacecraft], also especially for all the various aspects
of the business and industry communities and consumer needs; the ability on
massive scales to perfectly extract hydrogen from our oceans on an ever
increasingly more and more pristinely effective, efficient manner, driving,
propelling :less and less costly production and ever increasing efficiencies
- in all of these areas; the ability to fully and completely desalinate and
thoroughly, effectively purify drinking water from our oceans as well as
from even the most polluted streams, rivers, lakes etc that will ever exist
- all of these technologies being driven, continuously divinely guided,
directed, shaped, formed, over flowingly, overly saturated and continuously
infused with light and wisdom: right from research thru development to
ultimate end usage [application] at an ever increasingly more and more cost
effective and cost efficient rate; also in - adult stem cell research and
application and wondrously, magnificently awesome developments and progress
-that in no way, shape, or form harms embryos - nor attempts to create human
life - - but rather finds ever more increasingly effective ways to avoid
putting any life in danger - please place road block, after road block,
after road block in anything associated with embryonic stem cell research,
development, applications etc and anything involving science getting
involved with creating human life: now and throughout eternity. That the
entire scientific community soars in its both collective and individual
openness, receptiveness, sensitivity, cooperation, awareness of both the
reality of God, His presence among us in the Holy Spirit, the critically
fundamental importance of cooperating fully in research, in development in
testing etc with His fundamental laws, wisdom, guidance, directions provided
by the Church.

This very same intensity, depth, pervasiveness, quality, permanency of
growth in: ever increasingly warmer heart,mind,soul, spirit; truly, truly
radiating -like 999 quadrillion sunlights of intense life giving,
enhancening, enrichening, enlivening [light, warmth, resurrecting and
healing heat of God's love] and serving as a conduit, a viaduct, truly a
powerfully effective channel for God's infinite vast oceans of combined
heroic and supernatural + divine: love, mercies, forgiveness, kindness,
sensitivity, understanding, awareness, patience, empathy, compassion,
gentleness, tenderness, healing and resurrecting loving mercy etc + I call
upon all of the SFO's from the very beg. Of the order thru the end of time
plus all of the Holy Souls in Purgatory + all of the saints and angels [whom
I regularly entreat] to continuously, unceasingly, unrelentlessly:
intervene, intercede, guide, direct, help, assist, instruct, edify, nurture,
demonstrate, equip and empower me [truly walk with me fully throughout the
entire process - repeatedly] to know how to forgive everyone, anyone and all
who have hurt, harmed me in any way, all those who have let me down,
disappointed me, all those who have failed to live up to my expectations, or
[failed to come thru with [and / or came into conflict with me over - what
I felt and firmly believed were my rights, and / or my entitlements]+ please
draw me and walk me continuously, unceasingly - thru the entire and
complete, permanent process of extending and living unconditional loving
forgiveness -no excusses, no exceptions -unceasingly etc.

Thanks so very much for any community prayer support possible;

Dear St . Faustina would You please ask Mother Maryto plead my family's case to JESUS especially for thetotal protection and health for our family especially our son,i beg this of Mother Mary and all of the Good Angels and Saints in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen


Could you please ask our International Divine Mercy Pray-ers to pray for the repose of the soul of Lyle Butler and for his family?

Lyle turned 30 on August 15th. He was also married last month. He took his life early this past Saturday morning. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow of his family.and his mother, my college roommate, Karen!
Thank you!

Sincerely & gratefully,


Friday, September 17, 2010

Please, pray for Helen , who will need more surgery. She has cancer of her bowel and has already had part of her bowel removed. Please pray for Peter, Carol and Jordon so they can overcome their addictions. St Faustina pray for all our needs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Faustina would You please thank St. Raphael forhelping me in my prayers and ask Him to continue tointercede for me to JESUS through the Blessed Mother Mary,and please thank all of the Good Angels andSaints for helping us and please ask them to continueto help us especially with our son and my counselingto him as his father,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Please pray with me for Mary'sintentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especially that I am able to unite my will to the Will of the father as she did.Thank you. Kathleen

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For all the victims and those affected on 9 11. JH

Saturday, September 11, 2010

please pray for Pat Oheagan. H

Friday, September 10, 2010

Please St. Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to ask JESUS to protect and heal our family totally especially our son and we pray that he comes toJESUS, and returns to the Church and does not listen to his girl friend,and give up the Faith,i beg this through the intercession of the Good Archangels,Good Angels,and Good Guardian Angels,and Good Saints,in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Oh my JESUS i am so sorry for being a lousy father.please forgive me,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS through Mother Mary in the HOLY NAME of JESUS,Amen.
Dear St. Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to ask JESUS if HE would help me get all of my bills paid up,spiritually, mentally,and physically very soon,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Daer St.Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother to ask JESUS to totally heal and totally protect our family especially our son, i ask this through ourBlessed Mother Mary and all of the Good Archangels,Good Angels, and Good Guardian Angels,andSaints, in the MOST HOLY MOST DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
St..Faustina please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to ask JESUS to protect our family totally and heal our family totally especially our son,past present and future,now and forever,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
St. Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to protect totally and heal totally our familyespecially our son and would You please ask ourBlessed Mother Mary to ask JESUS to especially protect and heal our son and bring him back to the Church, i beg this in the MOST HOLY NAME of JESUS,Amen.
ar St. Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother Mary to ask JESUS to protect our familytotally and to heal our family totally and please St. Faustina would You please ask Mother Mary if She could ask JESUS to get me off this terrible medicine i have totake,I beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.
Dear St. Faustina please ask Mother Mary to pray for our family,especially my son,that we are all protected totally by JESUS,and that HE hears our prayers,and answers them,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.
Dear St. Faustina i really need Your prayers toJESUS through Mary for my family and myself,please ask JESUS and Mary to hear all of our family's prayers,i linked them through St. Jude,i pray all of this through You and Mary and St. Raphael and St. Jude in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Please Saint Faustina would You please run and tell Mother Mary that i really need help for my family especially my son,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.
St. Faustina would You please ask our Blessed Mother Mary,St.Joseph,St.Michael,St. Gabrieland St. Raphael to intercede for ourfamily and protect ourfamily past present and future,now and forever,and hear all of ourprayers as a family and take them toJESUS,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAMEof JESUS,Amen.
For God's will and relief of pain for Mrs. Cotton; For Carroll R.; for conversion for Claire, Connor, Brad, Lynsey, Jeff, Terry, Lauren. Conversion for all those who do not love God and for all those who are lukewarm. For the repose of the souls of all of our family members and all those in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them. For the grace of final repentance for all those who will die suddenly.
St. Faustina would You please beg Mother Mary tointercede for our family with JESUS that He will totally protect and totally heal our family especially our son,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Kevin Sullivan and for his family and friends. SR

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please pray for my husband who suffers from kidney failure caused by medication for bipolar disorder. the kidney failure in turn caused congestive heart failure. Eddy also suffers from gout amd bipolar disorder.Since Mother's Day he has benn in ICU 5 times. The first time for double pnemonia and urinary tract infection. Therest were for fluid in the lungs which affected his breathing. The 5th time cpr was done and 2 ribs were fractured.
Mary P

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Jay,

Praised forever be the Divine Mercy of God! Amen!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The radioligist believes her biopsy will be negative. We pray he is correct in this
and we thank you SO much for your important prayers. I love you all.

In His Love,

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 11:51 PM, Jay H wrote:

Elizabeth, Hope all went well. We continue to pray.

In His mercy,


----- Original Message -----
From: Elizabeth Gatty
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 7:35 AM
Subject: Prayer Request

Dear Jay,

Praised forever be the Divine Mercy of God! Amen!

Please pray for a woman who will undergo a "biopsy" this a.m. at 9:00 oclock. Her name is Beth. She is
our daughters' good friend.

We are grateful.

in His Love and Mercy,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

For the healing of Don and successful treatment. Thanks for the many blessings received.

Please pray for:Sue Cifelli

Please continue to pray for the 33 miners in Chile

Please pray: California students get tracking devices

Please pray for the repose of the souls of Fr. Ananias Aquila and Fr. Linan Ruiz

Please pray for L.T. Ariyawathi of Sri Lanka
Saudi couple "hammer 24 nails" into Sri Lankan maid

Time Sensitive! Please pray for New Jersey
New Jersey Democrats to Hold September Vote to Restore Planned Parenthood $

Praise Report on pastor Walter Hoye, please continue to pray
Appeals Court Overturns Pro-Life Pastor's Conviction for Counseling on Abortion

Please pray for all involved, including the parishioners. Thank you.
Lawsuit says Berks priest fathered teen's child

Please pray for Madalena's mother and brother
My dear Sue
Yesterday I phoned to my youngest brother Cesar who lives in France. He had a mishap. During one month he was being treated as as he was going to close the window of the bathroom he bent to pick up something from the floor and he banged his shoulder on the window with full force and the whole window came out he tried to catch the window in this with all his might but it fell on his feet and he broke a bone and was like that for a month with pain also in the spinal column. And today as I was trying to phone him in office and at home I could not get him and now his daughter told me that he was hospitalized as he had giddiness and the neighbour took him to hospital.

Once sometime back at least some years he had this problem and he could not even sit he had only to lie down and for a long time was treated it was due to some crystals in the ear and afterwards he had to learn to walk again and his daughter helped a lot taking him for walks etc. then he was ok, now they say it is the same thing Kindly pray for Cesar.

Please also pray for my Mum who is having urinary infection again. She last had in June and was better by beginning of July.Today when I phoned she said that she does not feel like eating and that her legs feel as though she has no strength.Now I will have to phone to some of Mum's cousins, to see to Mum without her knowing,as she has already been to the doctor and he gave her antibiotics. Please pray for her. Her name is Maria Imaculada Conceição. Thanks and God Bless

Please pray for the soul of Al Pacino

Please pray for New Zealand

APA Officially Rejects Reorientation Treatment for Homosexuals

Mega Analysis of Over 100 Years of Research Shows Treatment for Unwanted Homosexuality Beneficial

Commentary: American Psychological Association Changes Tune on Genetic Nature of Homosexuality

Update on Zsa Zsa Gabor, please continue to pray
Zsa Zsa Gabor back in hospital

Please pray for the New Jersey Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
US nuns to host surfing contest


Kindly pray for the soul of D.Tomaz da Silva Nunes, auxiliary bishop of Lisbon
Morreu D. Tomaz da Silva Nunes, bispo auxiliar de Lisboa
sem vida no seu quarto esta manhã. O presidente da Conferência Episcopal Portuguesa, D. Jorge Ortiga, reagiu à morte do bispo com “profunda estupefacção e tristeza”.

Rita Monceaux

Prayer Warriors Needed to pray for the following intentions:


Please lift up Erin, a young lady who recently attempted suicide and God intervened. Erin suffers from depression.

Please pray for me to accept a decision that's being made, that will effect our family. May God's will be done.

Could you please add our son in law to your prayer list. Hec was in a car accident recently and MRI's show that he has 4 bulging disk in his neck and 3 in his lower. In a lot of pain.
Also would you ask for continued prayer for our friend Richard valdez who is very very sick with poisoning in his body. Please pray for dr's to find what it is.
Thank you,
Brenda young

God please keep us safe from any bad weather or hurricanes that may come our way. We pray in Jesus' name.


Dear Family and Friends;

Please pray for the Soul of 73 year old Donna Garcia who went home to the Lord. May our Lord open wide the gates of heaven for her.

Please continue to pray for me, Gloria Costello. Today I had a lung biopsy and fluid removed from my lung. As a result my lung collapsed and the doctor had to place a tube in my lung, which hopefully will be removed tomorrow after an Xray shows my lung back to normal.May our Lord bless me with healthy results and my lungs on the road to a complete healing.

Please pray for 6 year old Rafael Debbins who suffered a stroke in his brain stem. He is in St Joseph's Hospital. May our Lord bless Rafael with a complete and quick healing and restore him to health.

Please pray for 33 year old Jacob Pattie who suffered a heart attack and his wife who is expecting their first child. May our Lord bless Jacob with a healthy heart and a complete healing and his wife with a healthy baby.

Please pray for Kaaren and Bob Brodresser. Kaaren went for a physical and now has to go to a kidney specialist. Bob's eyes are still not well and he has other problems due to a stroke. May our Lord bless Kaaren with healthy kidneys and restore Bob to complete health.

Dear Family and Friends: Update on Annie who suffered an anuerysm. The power of prayer is great. God bless you all Love Frank andGloria Costello

Here's another great update on my friend Ann.

Day #17
Today was another wonderful day! My mom passed the swallowing test for liquids AND food!!! They took the tube out of her nose today that was providing nourishment since she can eat on her own now. We are now getting close to Day #21….. which is great (Days 3-21 are the critical days that the spasms can occur). Everyone that works here continually stops by her room and comment on how great she looks! Thank you everyone, again, for all of your prayers and all that you have done!

Please pray for 2 year old Jake Pena who was born with a genetic disorder called Alagille Syndrome which attacks his organs. He is in need of a liver transplant. His insurance does not have contracts with Arizona Hospitals and his family cannot afford to go out of state for this transplant. They are hoping to be able to do this in Tucson Medical Center. May our Lord bless Jake with this transplant as soon as possible and the insurance approve Tucson Medical Center.

Please pray for Lynne Robison's mother who is suffering from heart failure. She will remain in hospital for another 3 days. May our Lord bless Lynne's Mother with a complete healing.

Please pray for Paul Padia Jr who has a problem with his liver. May our Lord bless Paul with the medication to restore his liver to health.

Thank you and God bless you all Love Frank and Gloria Costello

1. Neville – who had a fall and may not be able to walk

2. Milburn – who has malaria, is serious in ICU, still but making slow progress

3. Pierre – who has a rare kind of tumor in his blood stream

4. Mrs Vaz – with very bad neck pains (She is much better, and pain is very much less)

5. Mary who is unable to move her legs, she has thrombosis

6. Very Important that we pray for an ex-priest K. P. Shibu, who has written a book maligning his ex-congregation. The news papers carried an article and last night he was interviewed on the news channel. Let us pray with one heart and one mind that God forgive him and bring him back to Himself.

7. Celine – who has several bone related problems and who does not have the full use of her right hand.

8. Gwen, who is HIV positive and now detected with TB and who has a continuous cough

9. For Carlton who has been detected with cancer all cancer and AIDs patents

10. For Anna Couthino in ICU

11. A Doctor has sent a petition out asking for prayers for the whole medical profession. He has asked that we keep this intention close in prayer for the month of September

12. For all those out at sea.


Friday, September 3, 2010

For the healing of Don and successful treatment. Thanks for the many blessings received.

Please pray for completing the course successfully and get a job soon

Please pray for curing kidney problems. Doctor asked for kidney transplantation. for healing from this disease. Alwin

Please help guide me how to talk to my brother. Guide me to know how to collect the money O owes me, touch F to do his job as our lawyer. Get Brian a good job.

I would like to inform you Marcella Joseph died last night at 8:15pm We
thank you for all your prayers we know she went right into heaven and her
kids started praying the rosary and chaplet please pray for all of us she
left behind and who was with her when she died thank you Mary Lou

Dear All,

There is nothing IMPOSSIBLE with our Lord, Jesus, He has answered my prayers! He has done a Great Miracle in my daughter’s life “PRAISE YOU LORD JESUS, THANK YOU LORD JESUS, ALLELUIAH”

Please read on…..

Sincerely yours,

Ophelia Soares

Quote :

INDEED, I AM BLESSED!! :) :) My testimony:)

by Luan Soares on Thursday, 26 August 2010 at 20:27

I am writing this note from the very depths of my heart cause I have been touched by my Lord on this day, the 22nd of August 2010.

For all of you who know me very personally, you would definitely know that I have been having suffering from a physical ailment ever since the time I was born. The etiology being idiopathic ;) I have been limping around since childhood, as my left leg had been shorter than my right and so is my left arm, shorter in length than my right arm. After coming to Manipal, I had consulted the ortho doctors about my problem and they said my feet were, in medical terms, equinovarus and a minor clubfoot (inward turning of the feet) (duh! I already knew that!) which they said they could correct by ‘trying' surgery on me but they also said they could never guarantee that it would be successful and plus the leg which would be operated would be severely scarred. so I chickened out, for my own good. cause I thought limping is better than having to undergo anything worse after the surgery. I was used to it anyways.

Today i had attended a small retreat organized by my own parish in Manipal, Christ Church. One of the speakers for the day was Fr. Michael Payapally (hope I've spelt it correctly) from the Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, Kerala. His teachings, like, "The Lord will fight for you and you only have to keep still." Exodus 14:14 & Jesus saying "you are neither hot nor cold and therefore I will spit you out of my mouth", among various things, really touched my heart for the 1st time (which is unusual for me, considering how I am) He also advised us to "Make decisions based on God, not based on our comfort" and that whenever we are faced by trials or worries, God promises and assures us that He will do 'something' about it. It may not necessarily be what we expect but He will do 'something'. and so, whenever we have problems, we should bring only our problems to Jesus not the solutions we wish He would work on them. cause God's angle of view is different and He sees things in angles we could never even imagine!!

During the healing session, father asked us to pray about the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing that we wanted from God. and as I always do, I 1st prayed about my limp leg this time as well. slowly, father called out names of the people who were healed from the crowd and I kept begging God to choose me amongst them as well, getting Jealous of them. and then God flashes in my mind the thing that was holding me back from receiving His grace. i.e. in my mind since many years I had been in denial about the existence and the power of the Holy Spirit and also been doubting and disregarding His importance, and since my childhood,

I had also given up faith on our Infant Jesus as I felt let down by Him while I was a child, just cause He must have not fulfilled my desires back then. I thus, humbly begged mercy and pardon for this all and at that very moment, I felt a very strong circular vibration in my left knee, like a motor was at work. It was evident even through my jeans as my left leg couldn't stop trembling. I was hopeful that father would call my name out at any moment now, as I was experiencing this wonderful feeling as I continued praying and begging Jesus to have mercy and heal my leg. However, father never did and I consoled myself thinking that it wasn't my turn today and God had some other plan. The strong vibratic trembling in my left knee ceased only after the final blessing of the Holy Eucharist.

But, as I walked towards the bus stand, I noticed a positive change in the placement of my feet. they had become straight!! gosh! I'm not kidding! I was suddenly walking straight without making any conscious effort at all!! My classmate who was with me at the time, confirmed, after a lot of walking about, that she couldn't see a limp anymore and that my feet had straightened out. what's more, I also checked my arms, stretched them out, and you won't believe it, they had become of equal length too!!

I rang up my parents and they were on top of the world. Laugh o loud, my pop acted as St. Thomas for a while and said he wouldn't believe unless he saw me with his very eyes!! haha! the whole hostel practically came to my room and congratulated me, made me walk about and hugged me and cried with me when I walked STRAIGHT!!

I cannot express the joy I feel inside me right now!! I am speechless at the grace bestowed upon me by my most gracious Jesus! I mean, who would've thought or even imagined that I, the most unworthy of all people would be blessed so much like this. I have tears in my eyes as I write this right now. cause I'm really really really happy! I can walk now just like any other person! 23 years of walking with a limp and now in 2 blessed hours, no limp! and I'm blessed that my God has chosen ME to be a witness of this most sacred miracle!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!! ALL PRAISE AND HONOR BE UNTO HIM! THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT! THANK YOU MAMA MARY!! :) :)

Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

Stephanie LaPorte Tuxford Stephanie LaPorte TuxfordSeptember 4, 2010 at 1:39amRe: greetings for Davao CityStephanie needs our prayers:-- . she is sick please let pray for her.


Milburn’s mother called with some more good news. He is breathing freely now, whereas even on the support system he could not. The support is still on but the breathing is good. His platelet count is improving, his bilirubin count which was very high has come down quite a bit. He is still in ICU – but healing has begun.

Let us continue to pray, to our God who says “With Me, all things are possible” John 15

God Bless You and Take Care of You



Happy Birthday to Bryan Watson. May God through the intercession of St Faustina bless him and his family abundantly. JH

Hi Jane,

Just got to know that PIERRE is suffering from a rare kind of a tumor in his blood stream. We need to actually soak him in prayers.

Dear Jay,

Just to inform you that through your kind prayers,the intercession of Saint Faustina and the Grace and Mercy of the Divine Mercy our family received our UNHCR Cards.

We are very thankful to all of you who prayed for our family and our special intention. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

Thanking you once again.

With warm regards,

Jerry and Family

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Please pray for Elizabeth Gatty's prayer list. EG

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please let us receive the money they owe us and the work.

Kindly pray for the soul of D.Tomaz da Silva Nunes, auxiliary bishop of Lisbon. Maria

Please pray for completing the course successfully and get a job soon. George

Please pray for curing kidney problems. Doctor asked for kidney transplantation. for healing from this disease. Alwin