Tuesday, December 30, 2014

For the repose of the soul of Conrad S, the conversion of William, and the conversion of all atheists and enemies of Mother Church, and for the continuing conversions of all people. Br Alex
Lord Jesus Have Mercy on Me I repent of all my sins and my sinful ways. Lord Save me. Thank you for your help this far. Please continue to help me. I am being attacked by the Satan and my enemies who are in darkness. Please take these people away. I pray  the adoption of my son and a complete turn around of my life. My home is in need of repair and I need finacial stabilty to support my sons. I need my sons to go and stay in Catholic School I pray for healing & the anger & impatientence to leave. Jim
Thank You St Faustina and, all that helped us in 20014!!!!!!!!!!!!  God bles the usa!!!! also god bless the people that take care of this website and all the supporters.   Have a safe new year in 2015, and may God's will take care of all of us.  Terri Brian, and Naidene.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Please pray that i take better care of my health in the new year, mental and please pray that i stop drinking bear i have a blood suger problem. Also i suffer from some learning problems. There fore I am only suposed to take my meds for adhd. Drinking nuls the efect of the corective medacation. So please pray that I take my meds right starting today!!!  Also I will be starting a certan type of medacation for adhd on january 17,th, please pray that it gets taken properly so I can prosper.  Brian
Please pray for world peace. Also please pray for my wife Terrri and I that thease christmas novenas we made get answered in a positive way.  We prayed that I personaly would have better restraint when It comes to simple things.  We pray this mostly because in the past five years my lack of will power has cost us so much terri has lost count!!!  As my wife told me yesterday my lack of restraint is costing our five year old little girl.  I have prayed heavy to St Faustina, St Joe St Mike, St Jude. Brian

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Please pray that we somehow can afford to take a trip to hillsbrough north carolina to see Terris father. He is sick , and suffers from breathing problems. he also cant walk anymore because of his nerothity. I really am afrade that we might not be able to get down there because of the cost.  Please pray that we somehow get it then do it. It would make him feal a lot better to see his grandkids.  Brian & Terri  Also please pray for people to stop putting police down in wake of what happend. Brian
Please pray for all of our intentions (Terri and Naidene), for the new years health new job and to thrive!!!!! Please pray for the usa and that the troubles will be taken care of in a way that doed not hurt anybody. Please pray for world peace.  Please pray for my family and that we communacate well.  To all god bless!!! Brian

Friday, December 26, 2014

 For my mom, Mary Ann who is experiencing severe pain in her legs possibly from her chemo treatments. Also, for her to sleep, she isn't sleeping due to the pain. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you! Shelly

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!
Please pray for my immediate family and my extended family that they recieve thier prayers and needs.  I pray for the world peace and i also pray for the fallen officers in the wake of the Brown incident.  Lord, please accept my prayers without hesitation if it be Your will. Brian
Please pray for the usa and pray that my day goes well and safe in our travels on chirstmas. God bless J hastings and all you other people that spend your time providing me with this devine mercy prayer site.  Maby some day if i ever become flush i could do the same!!!      TERRY  BRIAN AND NAIDENE ORSOLITS  would like to wish every one on this site a very marry chirstmass!!!!    and drive safe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Please pray for my nephew Joe, who is incarcerated for a very long time due to crimes committed because of drug addiction.  Roseann

Please pray for the success of our Eucharistic chapel of perpetual adoration and for spiritual protection of all who adore there, that we may give continuous glory to God. Roseann
Please pray for Jill R. who is in critical condition after brain surgery 5 days ago, for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. Kathleen

Monday, December 22, 2014

Please pray for healing of MaryLou's alcoholism  and severe liver disease, Roseann

Please pray for the protection of police officers everywhere. There are threats and rumors of imminent attacks on innocent people by those who are seeking revenge for Ferguson. Roseann

Please pray for my wifes illness to be fixed, and the symptoms to be controled. Brian God bless the usa!!!
Please pray for Heath children in this prolonged and excruciating marital strife.  Please pray for Our Lady's protection over the children, Our Lord's mercy for the family and the graces of faith, discernment and moral courage for all family members.  Lord, please do not abandon us.  Please keep knocking at the doors of our hearts.  Margaret

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Special graces for Judy , her daughter Camryn, and for all the rest of her immediate and extended family members. Alex
1.  Angelia H:  has inoperable brain tumor.  Will have radiation and chemo to extend her life but it will not be cured.  2.  Barbara A:  has multiple serious health problems. Please pray for both of these women for all the graces they need as they deal with these illnesses, treatments and face the end of their mortal lives.  All St  Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth

Saturday, December 20, 2014

For the healing of Stephanie Ann , and for wisdom granted to her doctors that they will discover what is wrong with her.Karen

Please pray for me my wife and children. That problems like what happend for the last three weeks never happens anymore.  And sorry so late, but thank you for answering our prayers.  My wife's health has improved 90% in the past four days.  The two procedures since last monday went perfect. I am counting four miracles on this.  Thank you Saint Faustina and Jesus Christ.  Brian

Please pray for my son, Shaun who was in a car accident recently.  His brakes gave out and he hit the car in front of him.  Everyone in both cars were checked out at the hospital and nothing was found serious for all concerned. Now  ten days later the people in the car hit are filing a suit against my son.  Please pray the insurance company. can setttle this claim without any money out of pocket for my son and his wife who is expecting a baby.  Thank you very much!!! Mary
Please pray that my son-in-law, Brian will be healed from a chronic medical condition and that he and my daughter, Cheryl will be able to conceive their first child.  Thank you very much. Mary

Friday, December 19, 2014

Chuck and Barbara N:  They have mulitple health problems.  Barbara, a member of our Cenacle, is reminded in the Diary of,"The more you come to love suffering the purer your love for Me will be."  Please pray for their healing, good medical care and continued growth in faith in our Merciful Jesus.St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy,  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth

Thursday, December 18, 2014

For the healing of Stephanie Ann, and for wisdom granted to her doctors that they will disocver what is wrong with her. Karen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

 Almighty God Please help me to maintain my target in my job so that I can improve my present position. Piyali

Rita is being transferred to Trillium today as her doctor would like to try the last option of surgery. The surgery is scheduled on Wednesday at 8am. I would like all of us to pray for a great miracle. If God wills may there be a healing. We will hold a prayer marathon, beginning from 7 am that day. Being our Mothers day we ask her to intercede for Rita and the family. Also remember her dad who is ailing from spine cancer.Marjorie
1. Vicki: Will have esophogeal surgery Jan 8.2.  Terri:  Will have a tumor on foot Dec 29.3.  Ashley G:   23 yr old. college student completeing out patient mental health treatment at a facility where she was an inpatient over a year ago.  She is anxious about being on her own without the support she has in treatment.  She is suffering from depression, anxiety and ADD.  Also has physical problems. St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.   Maribeth

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Please pray for a co-worker's father who was injured in a fall and is now in a nursing home. Roseann
Please pray that a wonderful employment opportunity  for Molly will come to pass. Roseann

Monday, December 15, 2014

Please pray for Mark who has cancer and whose mother is very ill. Roseann

Please pray for Joe, who is having stents put in on Wednesday. Roseann
I am asking for prayers for a special intention. I have been praying and asking others to pary for a long long time and have not received an answer.Please join me in praying for this intention. If it is granted it will help a lotof people and also help the Divine Mercy shrine.I am asking please...and if not granted that I at least receive an answer. EVA

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Please pray for Tom who is scheduled for a total hip replacement in January  and for Cindy who is being treated for breast cancer. Roseann

Please pray for Sue who is having knee surgery on Monday. Roseann

 Please pray for Tom who is scheduled for a total hip replacement in January  and for Cindy who is being treated for breast cancer.Roseann

Friday, December 12, 2014

JESUS I TRUST IN YOUDivine Mercy Pryaer group,Please pray for Margaret  who is envolving with new age.I believe through our prayers we will bring back  her to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic  Church. Sr Amelia Mary

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp for Jill to have successful surgery and an end to her surgeries.Thank you, Kathleen

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rosemarie and her doctors:  Our sister in Jesus the Divine Mercy is having complications from chemo and has been hospitalized for several days.  Her family requests prayers for her and her doctors that they will make the right decisions for her care.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.  Maribeth
Please pray for my wife terri yesterday we found out she has a tumer at the top of her left lung that is 4 cm in size as well as 4 other itams on her cervical spine. there is a 90/10 chance that it is not milignet, that would be copabule.  Also because of this she cant swallow. Please pray that the gastroenteroligist can help today.  brian

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jesus I thank you for your assistance i pray for your victory in my and my childrens lives.I pray that my family will all come back to church. I pray for the spirit of pride , hate and bitterness and all my anger is taken away.  I want a holy mind and heart . I pray for your goodness. Jim

Jesus I pray for your Grace and Mercy and I ask though the immaculate heart of Mary most Holy and Pure, to deliver me and  to heal me and turn my life around. I submitt to you my God. I can not stand much longer. I need your help everything is happening at one time and it is hard to not give up. Everything is hard even the daily tasks. I pray for my annulment to be granted. I pray for my home to be in good repair and order. I pray that my sons receive a true Catholic faith and education.Jim
Jesus I beg for your Mercy forgiveness and saving Grace. Please save me and my sons. Jim
Please pray for my wife terri she is about to undergo a internal scan to determen if ther is a small tumer in pecked on her vocal cord. If if is founded please pray that it can be removed properly with out any complacations.  Also please pray for out 5 year old little girl this problem terri is having is causeing a lot of stress on her. She is two little to undergo all this anxiety. please pray for world peace. and also please pray for devine intervention to work in conjuntion with the doctors. Brian

Monday, December 8, 2014

Please pray for my wife terri her left vocal cord abrupedly stoped working yesterday and the ent doctors and neurologists cant run enough tests to find out what it is. She has been in the icu since yesterday at 3 o clock. She cant swallow or eat she is getting fluid through a tube. sometime tommrow a neck speciaist will begin a plan to go in, but thay are puzzeled??  Please pray that this can go away or at least have a good outcome. Pray to st Faustina for a reversal of this.  God bless all.Brian
Please pray for the young religious man, who has been going through several years lasting serious doubts in his vocation and is considering leaving religious life. Please pray for every grace he needs for sincere discerning and following Gods will for his life. Thank you, may God bless you. Jana

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello Divine Mercy Prayer group,Please pray for Joshua 5 month old little baby.he has a hole in his heart, which is causing the heart murmur. Parents are so worried about himJESUS I TRUST IN YOU!Sr.Amelia Mary
O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee. Joe
Please pray to Jesus to fill with faith, wisdom and His Holy Spirit and to grant me the grace to understand the scriptures and spirtual matters easily. Xavier

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Please pray for my son Danny tomorrow December 6th as he will be taking the SAT exam.  This week he was nominated by our Senator Tammy Baldwin in WI for attending West Point Military Academy.He has been called to be an honorable leader to serve our country.Please help him with this exam as he would have to increase his scores by 650 in both Verbal & Math to be competitive to receive an Appointment.I would be a miracle if he was able to receive those scores but I have faith.Thank you. Monica

Friday, December 5, 2014

 Please pray for Debbie, a breast cancer survivor, whose mother is trying to help her return to the Church. Roseann

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Please pray that the holy friendship that exists between my close and dear friend Michael  and myself John  will be blessed by God be lifelong and that our friendship will continue to grow and deepen please God.  Please pray also that I John will get relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis please God. Many thanks and God's Blessing on you all. John from Ireland.
Please pray for my father David C, he just had a heart attack.  I do not know all the details.  He had a heart attack at 6:00 this evening.  He is in North Carolina and we are in Depew NY.  This will be a long distance prayer.   He has several health problems and can use all the prayers he can get!!!! Please pray for him.  Terri

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please pray for God's healing, comfort and peace for Anisa, who is suffering from excruciating facial pain, that it will be completely resolved with no serious outcome. Roseann

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Please pray for Karen's father, who is hospitalized with congestive heart failure - for his complete recovery and return to health. Roseann

Please pray for the complete recovery of Jose, who just suffered a heart attack. Rose ann
Jesus Have Mercy, Lord Save me and my children. I ask you through the Immaculate heart of Mary for Saving Grace. Satan is attacking my family and myself. I ask that all sins are forgiven as well all ties to Satan are broken. MY life and home is in shambles. I  need your complete turn around in all aspects spiritually, physically, work and financlally. Please let this Custody hearing go through as well keep the people in darkness away.  Please Heal Susan she is committed in a pshysc ward. Jesus,I trust in You. Jim

Please pray that my prayers of a new beginning are properly received by the saints I pray to.  This is very important because what i ask for will help many people with problems that cant get help otherwise. Please pray that i change the things i can, accept the things I cant, and have the wisdom to know the difference!!!  With this new beginning please pray that I have the will power and restraint to follow through with all things in this crusade.  Brian
Please pray for world pease this chirstmass.  Please pray for people to understand that christ wants people to succeed. plesse pray that people trust in christ.  St Faustina thank you for two years of help, I look foward to maney more!!!  God bless all that keep this web site up and running you people have changed my life for the better !