Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kathy R: Kathy is an elderly daily communicant having health problems that is keeping her at home. Please pray for her health to improve so she can drive to Mass as long as she lives. Please pray for her to be able to offer up her sufferings including the suffering of not being able to go to Mass. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth

URGENT : Today i am going to my old company to ask for a job for me. Please interceede to get a job and god to bless the person whom i am going to ask. Jacintha
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Thank you
Jesus I beg you and God for your forgivness and mercy for Autumn and I. please save us. Do not let us fall apart from one another. Please take all of the bad people from Autumns life away from her. She will die if she is around them. Please save us and give us a second chance in the catholic church together. I worship you God and you only. Satan is attacking us> please save us!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ST FAUSTINA I URGENLY PRAY all my sins i have committed my whole life are all forgiven, THIS IS URGENT matt gets turned down 4-ssi, me and libby can pray at church without choir talks to loud and we cant pray. Sherri
i ask you to pray for my lovely partner john. he needs to have a a.i.d. device planted in his chest to help with his heart condition. he is worried about this and how long it will take before he is called into the hospital to do this. he is such a good man and this device will be a great help to him. we both try to attend mass every day, so jesus will you be merciful to john and help him at this very worrying time for both me and him. jesus we trust in you. st. faustina please pray for us. Donna

For all in the world to hear and do God's will and for God's Grace for all living and deceased. For all that are struggling and for the religious and the POPe and all people of the world and the animals and the planet to heal. Meaghan

Monday, November 28, 2011

For MG to be cured of a very bad habit of sexual sin and to be cured of vanity which motivates him to hurt other people very badly. For deliverance for MG from all evil spirits that afflict him: lust, pornography, weakness, sloth, schizophrenia, emotional illness, failure, etc. For healing and delivernace of his entire family which suffers a disadvantaged and spiritually impoverished value system and way of life despite their Catholic religion they do not know God. E.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Cenacle is dwindling in number due to family and work schedules. Please bless each one who would like to come to our meetings but can't. Bring more people to join us in study and prayer in our Cenacle. St. Faustina pray for us.

Hearts to open to the message of Jesus' Divine Mercy. Better understanding of His unfathomable Mercy and the graces needed to live the Divine Mercy Message. St. Faustina pray for us.

Jean: she is handicapped confined to a wheelchair dealing with an adult son with Downs and alshymers.St Faustina pray for us.

Janet: seriously ill in ICU on a ventilator. Please pray for her healing and complete recovery and that she will not get a secondary infection while in the hospital. St. Faustina pray for us.

Conversion and the wisdom of Soloman for all those whose hearts and minds trust in the wealth and riches of this world and are luke warm or cold to God with his abundant riches and unfathomable mercy. St. Faustina pray for us.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Please Pray for my Friend Kevin who just has had is cased closed with Bank of America on his foreclosure. Please Pray they open the case and work something out him and his family.Bryan
Please ask for God's Mercy for Norberto, who has lost his faith, so that he may repent and reach the degree of glory in heaven willed by God's Mercy. Maria, o.

Pray for an end to Abortion in Russia. Please ask also for God's Mercy for Norberto, who has lost his faith, so that he may repent and reach the degree of glory in heaven willed by God's Mercy. Maria,


Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessed Mother mary i love You.
St. Faustina please take care & Judith & her many medical problems.

ST FAUSTINA THROUGH YOUR MOST POWERFUL MOST POWERFUL INTERCESSION PLEASE PRAY 4- someone out side of the family and people at church give me x-mas gifts and FOR X-MAS I NEED LOTS of miraclous miracles my family cant afford x-mas gifts. Sherri

Sunday, November 20, 2011

pls pray for my auntie MINDA DE G with terminal cancer for her complete healing. Maricris
pls pray for my nepnew KENT D 9yrs old for his complete healing from leukemia
ST FAUSTINA through your powerful intercession someone outside of the family and some people at church give me x-mas gifts and i get miraclous miracle. Sherri
St. Faustina please take care & Judith & her many medical problems. Carol
Blessed Mother Mary ilove You,Amen. Joe

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Father, I ask for protection from the enemy, as I am so under his attack. Weakening my confidence, give me wisdom in all my work for You, break down barriers, reveal to me my sin for me to confess. Elaine
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and for those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especially for the poor souls and for those who suffer here on earth.Thank you

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Jay,Please add Mr. John M to the Divine Mercy prayer list. He recently had a melanoma which has traveled to his lymph nodes and he has to undergo a radical surgery to remove the cancer.Thank you for all you do to help win souls for Jesus.-Alison M

Monday, November 14, 2011

Please pray for me (Dale) the Chaplet, that God will keep me out of all trouble, always, andfill me with the Holy Spirit and with righteousness, courage, decency, mercy and chastity. I also desperately need financial miracles, NOT out of GREED, but out of genuine NEED. Please also offer the Chaplet in thanksgiving to Jesus for favors already granted me and my folks. AMEN.

please pray that our business problems with BIR will be resolved soon, that the troublesome employees would stop the extortion, drop the case and resign and never ever bother us again. For the grace to have our own business. JC
Jesus, Save Autumn and I from all evil and trouble we need your sheer Mercy. Jesus forgive us for all of our sins. Please let us be together united to you through the catholic church. We both need second chances in our lives and with God. Please break autumns heroin addiction and take away all the people linked to her addiction including Russ and Joyce. Save her and I from all evil. Her son jacob needs her. Autumn wants to be catholic she is a morman. Take away all curses Jesus I trust in you! JD

Please pray for Ron V.

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and for those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especially for the poor souls and for those who suffer here on earth.Thank you. Kathleen
Jimmy Joe who found out he ws filled with cancer and could go any time From what I heard angry with God. Pats stomach problem Dans wheezing and breathing problem and Marys skin problem
Mary Lou

Saturday, November 12, 2011

pls pray for Mr Sandeep Sawant and Mrs. Smita Sawant. For Sandeep's bleeding of piles (internal bleeding) to stop and get healed fast and for Mrs. Smita Sawant's normal delivery and good health of mother and child....They both though they were from Hindu family now believe in Jesus....His bleeding is not stopping at all after taking so many medicines....and after attending prayers

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear sisters and brothers, please pray the Holy Chaplet for the health and the un-fightable, almighty Divine Temporal Protection of my elderly mom Janet, my elderly dad Chuck, my precious sister Donna, and myself in God's sheer Mercy. May he make all of us holy and keep ALL harm, from ANY source, far from us. As Him to help me succeed at my job and help me financially to pay all my creditors, make amends, then live within my means from the pay of my new job and heal my conscience. AMEN.

Good Claretians please pray extra prayers for me iam not doing well at all,i am trying to get off some very addictive medicines that i have been on for years,because they are destroying me , the cure is worse thanthe illness,please on this day please make a circle of prayer for me and my family,they desperately need their dada and grandad back in these hard times,HELP,HELP, HELP,i beg this of you through the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary,in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen

Maryanne's mother, who has severe dental problems.

For Father Brian, who has a severe cold and is losing his voice, that he will be able to persevere in celebrating Mass and Vespers.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1: I have been under a tremendous degree of stress recently due to the storms in the Northeast and loss of power for 10 days. My mind feels overtaxed and my concentration has been impacted quite a bit. I pray for a healthy mind, an ability to sleep again through the night, control over my finances and an ability to overcome my many bad habits. May the Devine Mercy of Jesus heal and transform me. For this I pray. May the Divine Mercy of Jesus bless you all. Thank you for your prayers.....
For Connor and his family to be converted
For holiness for our children
health and peace for Bessie
employment for T
Please pray for Liz to have peace of mind and heart. St. Faustina pray for us
Andy: Please pray for Andy to find new employment. He has been laid off. St. Faustina pray for us.
1.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession by entrust me to the care and protection under Mother Mary and our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
2.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession with God's given will, visions and dreams.
3.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for not falling into trials and temptations in both personal life and marketplace.
4.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for stand firm in JESUS CHRIST.
5.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for deliver me from evil/Satan attack and influence, human enemies especially the wicked influence and destroy both my personal life and marketplace.
6.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession with God's given will, visions and dreams as an entrepreneur, musician, evangelist, philanthropist, author, speaker, and investor.
7.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my 2nd calling from God moving and migrate to USA and travel around the world by doing God's given visions and dreams.
8.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my life cover and circle by Inner Circle with Personal Spiritual Director, Spiritual partners, Leadership Mentor, Entrepreneurship Mentor, Music Mentor, Finance and Investment Mentor, Couple Life Mentor (Future) and Marriage and Family Life Mentor (Future).
9.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my personal finance and investment are under God's graces and blessings.
10.) Cover me with daily prayer and intercession for my calling from God in marketplace and my daily life.

Your brother and partner in Christ,
Jesus I have failed my life and marriage. Please have mercy on me. I pray for Mercy for Autumn and I to have a second chance in our lives with each other through the catholic church. Please save us and have mercy on us. Our children need us. Please save Autumn from addiction and from the people linked to this addiction. Autumn wants to become catholic she is currently a morman. Please have mercy on her and I. She has no support but for me and my parents. Please let us be together
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especially for safe family travel this month. Thank you
Please Pray for my Friend Mike who is involved with a very long and complitcated contract job that keeps extending and going wrong. Please help with his anxiety and help in anyway possible for the job to become complete as soon as possible.

Monday, November 7, 2011

please pray for my safety trip to Manila until I reach the town of Isabela, and for Joan and Nikka that I will received a reply this coming days because I have send Joan a text but no reply on my message,open her hearts and mind,Lord.thank you ,God bless.
For Jim who has prostate cancer and is not doing wellFor Barbara who is beginning chemotherapy for lesions on her lungsFor Tom that he may continue in sobrietyThat Jim will be granted a wonderful job

For Deacon Rob Jergovic who had a heart attack last weekend and is in serious condition. He has 5 children and is in the process of adopting another little girl from China.

Praise report!!! Shannon, a middle schooler, got a severe concussion in a soccer game over a year ago. You all have been praying the Chaplet for her all this time. She and her mother have been praying it too.The doctor told them her recovery is a miracle. We thank you so much St. Faustina for your intercession.

Theresa and Pam: sisters in their 50s. They have recently started living in the same house. They are arguing badly. Please pray for reconciliation and that they will forgive one another. Also please pray for their grandmother, Kathy. They are putting her in the middle. St. Faustina pray for us.

Gary: He has been forced to retire at an early age. He needs employment. Please also pray for a reawakening and return to church. His wife, LaRae, is already thanking God for answers to these requests. St. Faustina pray for us.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Please pray for Marlene who is being rushed to the ERMayo Clinic in Atlanta. She has a detached Retina and her work requires her to drive continuously throughout the day and sometimes night. May our Lord Jesus heal her completely - I pray this with all my heart. Thank you and may God bless all on this web-site.

I humbly request for your prayers for my disease, I am a female suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. I've been having it since June 2011 now going on 5 months taking medications that does not cure it only treating it. Hence, I'm dying for a healing and there's no other than our saviour Jesus Christ. Thus I need all the prayer support to help me strengthen my soul and faith in praying to Thee for a miracle to heal me. Please pray for my disease and my faith to be stronger.Thank You,Sina

Sacred Heart of JESUS,thank You, thank You,thank You,from my whole heart,as always through our Blessed Mother Mary,i pray to You through our Blessed MotherMary,in the MOST HOLY NAME of You my JESUS,in Your Divine Holy Name JESUS,Amen.
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and for those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heaty, especially for Kitty who is seriously ill. Thank you

Deborah. She had a massive stroke in sept. and was recovering nicely at the Rehab hospital. She had another stroke and was going in to surgery to remove a clot in her neck. This was send to me asking for our prayers. Thank you so much and God bless,
Mary s

Liz: Please pray for Liz to have peace of mind and heart. St. Faustina pray for us.

Andy: Please pray for Andy to find new employment. He has been laid off. St. Faustina pray for us.
Lord JESUS would You stare at me,now,and tell me what,i beg this of You JESUS through Blessed Mother Mary,in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.

Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of Thy faithful andenkindle in them the fire of Thy divine love,Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.O GOD who by the grace of the Holy Spirit dids't instruct the hearts of Thy faithful,grant that in the same spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation through Christ our Lord,Amen.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Blessed Mother Mary, could You please ask JESUS totake my daughter's hands with You and lead her throughher school work so that she can keep her home and giveher four children a good secure home with her and her husband who is epileptic,i beg all of this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.
ST FAUSTINA THROUGH YOUR MOST POWERFUL INTERCESSION please pray mom buys me that leslie sansome tape, i get a good piece of jewery. I LOOSE 7-POUNDS THIS WK,
Noelle H: High school student in Murfreesboro killed in a car accident Oct 27. God rest her soul. Please pray for comfort and strength for her family and loved ones. The students at her school are very upset. St. Faustina pray for us.
Please pray for my granddaughter to get the hostess job she applied for and desperatly needs to support herself and her child. Thank you for your intercession.
Please pray for Hiraida G., Jaime G. Jr., and for Manuel. We all need serious surgeries. Please pray that we make it safely through surgery and that we all make complete recoveries.

Please pray for my granddaughter to get the hostess job she applied for and desperatly needs to support herself and her child. Thank you for your intercession.
ST FAUSTINA THIS IS EXTREMLY URGENT THROUGH YOUR MOST POWERFUL INTERCESSION I NEED MIRACLOUS MIRACLES 4-ME. mom-health,cancer, -dad eyes,health, libby surgery is successful, sheri weight,health, eyes, DAD GOES 2- WELFARE office and gets me 3-4- dollars of foodstamps, and i get a S.S RAISE of 7-8- h.dollars, mom -dads debuts all cancelled. I LOOSE 50-POUNDS. MARYJO eula, johngross, pat , judy-, MARY H.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

ST FAUSTINA THROUGH YOUR POWERFUL INTERCESSION i pray i loose 50 pounds by x-mas. matt passes away soon. dads eyes-health. moms health, eyes,cancer. mine -health i never get cancer eyes, weight. ;pts of miraclous miracles 4-me. libby-finds a way 2- get the money she needs/ cathy success in studies gets a good job
please pray for my daughter that she finds some nice catholic friends and a nice job or a college course and please pray that she gains confidence thank you amen

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please pray for our granddaughter, Bridget, who is in remission of leukemia was diagnosed at 3 yrs old. Finishing her treatment this month at 5 yrs old. Also, our daugher-in-law, Laura, who was diagnosed with cancer this year. Matthew's family to cope. Remember, Fr. Mike for his ulcerated leg, which needs healing to have surgery We will pray along with all of you. Thank you for all our blessings and our faith in God.Jesus we trust in you, Mary Ann & Family
A friend of mine named Jayshree, has a daughter named KALISHA. Kalisha is the mom of a little girl. KALISHA is in prison in Durban, South Africa (Westville Prison I am told).She is very sorry for what she did (whatever it was) and is begging for forgiveness. Please pray the Holy Chaplet for KALISHA and please ask God to grant her full conversion, the sacrament of penance, to fill her with the Holy Spirit, to PROTECT her, and grant her release as soon as possible by his grace.
I miss my whole family which I long to see soon. It's been a few months but years since Dad oassed on. We said we would look after each other and look out for each other but after moving away from home it is hard to communicate as I understand we all have our own lives to lead. Even my immediate family, my children, bless them Lord are grown up with the last approaching his teens and I as they move with their lives I always in weak heart wonder if they will be alright as we are very close.

Please pray for MR. CHARLES L, an elderly gentleman in Mississippi, USA. Mr. Charles is the father of my boss. MR. CHARLES has been diagnosed recently with ALZHEIMERS DISEASE and is starting to go downhill. Very rough on him AND his children/family. Please ask JESUS to heal Charles and in the meantime to help his family cope, too. Thank you so much. God love you all.Donald

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For my sister, neice, cousin, nephew and their lesbian or homosexual partners. Lord, I ask for your Mercy and Grace to pierce their souls and reveal the truth to them. Crush the power of satan that has lured and trapped them. Deliver them from the father of lies. Cause them to loathe this sin which will lead them to hell and torment. Let none who touch or see them find pleasure in the lust of this sin. Give them the grace to see their misery and your Love for them.
S has lung disease that will eventually kill her, Thomas had a stroke and is recovering, Jayda has one more chemo treatment, T has a disease that attacks the muscles in body regularly which could be fatal each attack, Lord, you removed the lump from D's breast, My grandmother has dementia, B fainted from internal bleeding. Lord I witness your care for them , this is another reason I call you my God. Send your fire into their hearts.
ST FAUSTINA-through your powerful powerful intercession I ASK 4-MIRACLOUS MIRACLES 4-ME, mom,dad, libby, john,eula, bob, lorrianne, rene from st pauls,
please Jesus save my Girlfriend Autumn from Heroine addiction and all of the people associated to this addiction. Please Jesus have mercy on us. Autumn is a good person who needs your help. She wants to become catholic and convert. She is presently a morman. I am asking you Jesus for a second chance in my life and in Autumns life together through the catholic church. Please have mery on us save us all from punishment evil and trouble. Jim

For Fr. Dan, who is scheduled for a nerve block on Tuesday morning for severe back pain for which he has been confined to bed since Oct. 9. He promises to offer Mass for the intentions of all who pray for him. For the repose of John's soul, who died yesterday.
Rose Ann