Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please pray for The Jones Family. J

Please pray for Kellie and Cody. Jay
Please pray for Patte. Thanks, J
Dear Divine Mercy Prayer Group,Please pray for Kyle  just graduated from High School having lung cancer and  he is in  very critical condition. Also rember his family JESUS I TRUST IN YOU love, Sr.A M
My son Isaac is well and fever has left him and our tension God has taken away.  

I thank my Lord for healing my son and also thank you and all who prayed for my son and all of us. 

May God bless you all and give more power and strength to pray for all who are in need of pray.


Yours in Christ


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Please pray for son,Matthew whose vocal tics are so bad. He has tourette syndrome. Pray for sister, Joan,79 yrs old and confined to wheelchair--that God make give her back the use of her legs. Pray for me. My arthritis is so bad I can hardly walk anymore. Thank you, Mary
Please pray for Maxine.  She has lost her son who was to graduate soon.  She is devastated.  She used to pray the Rosary with the Rosary group at Church on Monday nights.  She cannot understand (her words) why God took her son who was to be married soon.  I pray she does not lose her faith or love of Jesus.  May our Lord through St. Faustina grant her Grace to open her mind and give her some understanding as to why this  happened. May God bless you and all on this website. Iris
Please pray for Gayle. She is suffering from cirriohsis of the liver (not from drinking), from medication. She has lost all her hair. She has been given a time frame of 5 years to live.  I think she is a Catholic.  Thank you. May God bless you and ALL on this website.  Iris.
Through the intercession of Mother Mary, Our Lady, Exterminatrix of Heresies, we pray for the conversion of all people who believe in falsehood, as well as, all who teach falsehood, especially within the Catholic Church; and we ask that Our Lady of Mercy protect believers so that they will remain with the truth in love and service.
Br Alexander
Heal Erik K. from spiritual warfare, the dark has taken over. Lord reach out & touch Erik & bring him from the dark into God's guiding light. Cast all evil, doubt, depression and negativity from him. Let him see God's pure love, and trust in God again. Return him to his true self to see the blessed love within Katie S., which God has delivered him. Pray for his healing and strength for Erik to return to her. Guide us back to One as God intended in love, light and faith.  Katie

Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Friday my dad received a letter that he lost a lawsuit in which another person falsely accused him.  Please, please pray that my dad would win in the motion for reconsideration, and that this lawsuit would finally, finally end happily for my dad and for all of us. Another thing that's also important: please, please pray for the conversion of this person bothering my dad, that he would stop doing the evil his doing and leave us alone, never to bother us in any way directly  or indirectly
Pease pray for my husband who is always upset and tensed please also pray for our marriage restoration. Rodriques

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Please pray for the repose of the soul of a young boy by the name of Will F and his family as Will was killed this weekend in a boating accident. Eternal rest grant to him Oh Lord, and let  Your Perpetual Light shine upon him.May he rest in peace.  Thank you for all you do for souls!
Please pray for Tony  a young man of 11 ho was just stung by 11 bees.Also for a woman who suffering from RA  she is in quite abit of painnever complains but her volunteer to the sisters is suffering. Thank you


Saturday, July 27, 2013

praise and thanks pray for rheas /anandiya,  bubu and requests of Lovely. Lovely
Lord please heal my husband and I Spiritually so that we may be united in You. Heal us physically so we may find work. Heal us finacially Lord we have lost most of our pension income and are loosing our home and need to find afforadable housing. Show us what your will is for us and let us hear your desires in our heart. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayer. Carrie
Please pray for Linda W who is suffering from liver cancer and is in need of a transplant.  Thank you for all you do for souls! Alison
Please pray for my dear Mother-in-law, Kilma , who will have a spinal tap done on Tuesday to determine if she has spinal cancer.  Please also pray for my husband David's family as we go through this distressing time. Thank you for all you do for souls! Alison

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jesus I Trust in you.Kindly pray for my husband Felix 's health as he had suffered from Dengue fever and he was admitted in Hospital for 4 days including 2 days in ICU in the month of June. Now he is ecovering and having sevear stomach pain and I am more worried of him because I know that, all this is related to Dengue fever. I cant seem him suffering like this . Kindly pray for his health and he should get relief from his stomach pain.

Please pray that the holy friendship that exists between my friend Michael and my self John  will be blessed by God and be be life long and that Michael will always be honest and truthful in all his dealings with me please God.  Please pray that I John will get relief from the pain and stiffness of atthritis especially my right hip and both knee's please God. Please pray that the money owing to us the O'Brien brothers for the lease of our land will be paid to us very shortly. John
My daughter,Kathleen has been close to death on may occasions in the past wit Anorexia, however is now on the road to recovery.  Praise God!  However, she has left her faith and so has my husband Paul, and my younger daughter, Emily.  Please pray that they will dome back to Jesus and to the Eucharist.   AMEN.  Thanks. Paula
Please pray that I get a good job soon.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Please pray for me  through St. Faustina’s intercession for Jesus to grant abundant graces for my spiritual journey and in particular that I may grow always more in faith, hope and charity drawing closer to God.
Please pray for Yasser he is not well he is having spine problem and he is having sleepless nights and he is a heart patient please pray for him.
For my Aunt undergoing gallbladder surgery this morning and for Jim  undergoing major hear surgery. Bryan
Please pray for our dear friend Liz S. who has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Please pray for peace and strength for Liz and her family as she undergoes treatment; and pray for complete healing. Dave N
I pray for the conversion of my 2 daughters and their husbands.  I pray that they may be blessed with children.  I especially pray that my son-in-law, Ryan, may find a good job soon. Also please help my in-laws who are both in hospice and in need of God's graces at the end of their lives.Pleae help my friend's son who is an alcoholic.Thank you so much for your prayers.  We are so in need of Divine Mercy.
Dear Father in heaven.We urgently ask You to hear our prayers.Guard over my sweet daughter Rayla.Guide the surgery is is having. Even now we pray for total healing.Cleans her and renew her in the mighty name of Jesus.Bless her with a fruit of the womb and a right father. for her child.Order her steps. Speak to her, open her eyes. Keep her from all danger and evil people.Dear St Faustina thank you for the divine Mercy prayer.I bless you God for your faithfullness.Mother Mary pray for us.
Please pray for salvation of my children, grandchildren & husband, the successful sale of house/property, better paying jobs for me, my husband, son & daughter, my husband's successful outcome of his case with lawyer.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 request you to please pray for the complete healing of my mother Mrs. Maria C [age 59years} who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 12years in which her both knee joints and a Left hand joint is terribly paining.PLEASE PRAY THAT THE TERRIBLE PAIN IN ALL HER JOINTS DISSAPPEARS AND my mom gets complete healing from rheumatoid arthritis illness .please pray that her pain and swelling in the both her knee joint disseappear forever.Thankyou
CJ, that his surgery will go well. Joseph
thanks praise infilling of holy spirit  pray for mr parekh he is sinking .tolia good life patners /health/finances thanks

Please pray for my  husband he is not feeling well and feeling uncomfortable please pray for him to get well.

Suffering depressions,suicidal tendencies, phobias of pictures,statues of snakes & real snakes,hydrophobia,pictures of oceans,seas,big statues,pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses they all scare me,my whole day is spend at home in crying & only crying,i suffer panic attacks,deep rooted fears these all phobias & depressions are haunting me since baby,i feel scared to talk to strangers &know people,men.past life fears traumas baggages with lots of negativies.Want 2b healed fully.Amen. jyoti p.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

For Faith. Ann, who has bone marrow dysplasia and has been diagnosed with lupus.For her son who is a drug addict.
For John's successful back surgery.
Grant Pope Francis continued guidance, holiness, wisdom, health, and protection.  St. Francis prayer over Pope Francis I.  Grant unity in the Body of Christ & healing ot universal Church.  Grant members of the body of Christ healing in relationship to one another, filled with the Holy Spirit of Living Waters. Virgin Mary, Protectress of our faith come to our heavenly aid.  Grant souls the graces to return to the One True Catholc Church & be set on fire, zeal to live our Baptismal Promises, AMEN!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Please pray for my brother he is going through a tough time and for my dauther she is waiting for the job she wants. May they call her soon with a yes. thank you!! Divine Mercy Vangie

Saturday, July 20, 2013

To pray for my Father, Frankie  who is currently undergoing final stage treatment  for pancreatic cancer. MAy the Lord Heal him  and guide him to come to know Jesus through this time of suffering. Abraham

1. Paul: having surgery July 25.  2.  Bill M:  recovering from falling 9-11 ft off a deck to the ground below.  Severe injuries.  3.  Irene:  will be retiring in early Dec to move to San Antonio to care for her mother who is showing signs of dementia.  She asks that we pray that she will accept her mother's condition and her role in caring for her and that she be able to trust Jesus completely.  St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm at the hospital right not and praise God Heather
 surgery went well. They only had to take out the lumpectomy I feel it's a miracle. Thank everybody
for me for all there prayer and especially you my angle.
 Love Betty
praise and thanks pray for infilling of holy spirit .good life patners /filing properly /finance to improve health thanks
 Please pray for Faith. Ann a 53 year old woman who has Bone Marrow Dysplasiawhich is inactive but could activate at anytime who remain dormant for therest of her life.  She has been diagnosed  with Lupus.  Please pray for her returnfull unity with the church.  God's blessings thank you so much.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Peace be with Your Spirit; For my St Uriel novena, other prayers, prayer of prayer partners, in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God, amen and God bless You.
 I have  person that is in immediate need of prayers.  His name is John  and has just been diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his brain and is in ICU.  His sister wants him prayed for everywhere , so Divine Mercy is the place to go. A
Please pray with me for Mar's intentions and those consecrated to Mary's Immaculate Heart, esp for Erin

For Joe, that his test results will be good and he will be healed of his respiratory problem.For Lauren and Jeff 's success as they assist in their church's financial campaign.
prayers for Bernetta for she heart to function normaly and for good health.For complete healing for Surani. For the Holy Spirit to guide Marsha as she speaks this wekend. Good health for Joe.Heal the devision in Marriage. Anne, Alicia, Anushka and Kris. Job protection. Special intentionsGod bless you thank you for all your help and prayers. Sharn
Please pray for the souls of Richard and Raja.May God grant them eternal rest.Prayers for Father Jaspers. For him to be a holy Priest. For the Holy Spirit to guide him for st. Michael to guard him.For  a N that gave up his religion and Jesus to marry a muslim woman. Now he is a muslim. For the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and bring him back to Jesus.For Jensen . For healing and protection of accidents.For Ranath, Blessings and Protection.

I want to pray for Chanda who will be operated for breast removal as she is daigonised with cancer.I also want to pray for Alefiya's parents who have suffered from a heart attack and are unwell. Please pray for recovery.I also want to pray for pinky who is trying to concieve since a long time, its been 3 years of marriage. Pls pray.
Please pray for Peter he is having breathing problem sometimes it is too serious please pray for him.
First I thank the Lord for the gift of life and giving me strength up to this far.Please pray with me for financial breakthrough in my life.I am looking for sponsor(s) and scholarship so I go back to school and do my bachelors degree which I have been unable to afford.Thanks and God bless you.Amen.
Please pray for a woman by the name of Cheryl, friend of my cousin, who complained of a headache this morning and became combative, then was taken to the hospital and is now on life support.  She is 55 yrs old. Thank you for all you do for souls! Alison
Please pray for me, that I get a job soon.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Please pray for Julie who is recovering from breast cancer, and for Nathan  who is in spiritual distress. Thank you for all you do for souls. Alison
Thanksgiving prayers that Amanda's home in Pittsburgh was sold.Prayers for God's healing, comfort and peace for Eric, 44, who has chronic cancer that can no longer be treated and for strength for his wife Carol. For our benefactor, Jacque, who has been so gracious and generous and always there when we need her.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That a friend's 3 year old will not receive a diagnosis of fused cranium.In thanksgiving that Mary received the promotion we had prayed for.For a priest who is being persecuted.RoseAnn
Marshall G:  has been laid off after 17 yrs devoted service as protestant hospital chaplain.  Lord, please show him Your plan, guide him and comfort him.   St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.
David H:  40 yr old in intensive care on life support after auto accident.  Please also pray for his family.2.  Raymond and Faye S:  Raymond has alzhymers, increasing difficulty in walking,  has already lost one eye to blindness and the other is not doing well.  Caring for him is getting increasingly harder for Faye.  They need our prayers.  St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth
need money for home repair,thanksgiving for  favors  received,anyone in need of prayer,   poor souls in purgatory
Please pray with me for Anne Marie and Kevin who have cancer and in thannksgiving for the safe delivery of bay William Landon. Thank you

Sunday, July 14, 2013

 Please pray for my prodigal daughter. I ask for prayers to bring her back to us minus the stubborn rebellion and disrespect and the relationship which fuels this attitude. Please pray for God to take away the person who uses her for sexual gratification and is leading her away from her Catholic faith and separates her from her family. I ask for prayers for myself. My suffering is so great and hard to endure. I pray for peace in my family and peace with her.  Thank you. G
Please pray for me that I will know what God's Holy Will is in my life and that I can be a better example to all.Please pray that the Obamacare mandate be defeated. Please pray husband, Bob, will continue to help our family.Please pray for emotional healing for my family and healing from anything which keeps us from serving God and also for healing of bleeding problem for me and that I can gradually reduce meds. for nerves and depression and get out of debt and also  pray for an end to abortion.
Please pray for me for my ongoing daily conversion and that I may truly live my Franciscan vocation and be a better mother to my 3 adult children, Kelly, Pat and Rob. Please pray for family conversion and also please pray that I will be able to better help my family financially as can barely afford to buy food. Also, please pray I can get out of credit card debt which I have incurred since husband left us, although he still helps financially. Please pray for me for healing of bleeding problem.
Please pray for me, that I get a job soon. Riyaz
Please pray that Mark. will find Christ and receive the grace of Conversion. Pray that his heart will be open and that God and his guardian angel will surround him with good Catholic people and also that he will one day meet a good Catholic women. Please pray that his soul will be saved. Pray that all my children and grandchildren's souls will be saved and for all of my family to grow in a deep desire to know love and serve God. Pray for a miracle for Wednesday, June 17th for my daughter.
Please pray that my husband will be blessed with a good raise and promotion at work. Pray for a miracle that we will be able to sell our home and move closer to our children and grandchildren. Pray that even though housing is very depressed in our town that by the mercy and miracle of God we will be able to get a fair price and find a nice home in a safe and clean neighborhood that will allow us to live closer to the family. This will take a miracle. Holy Spirit give us wisdom and St. Joseph help. J
Please pray for  woman by the name of Connie, suffering greatly from arthiritisbaack problems, hip problems.  This woman is  a daily communicant quite a prayer warrior, always helping others.  Thank you
Shane B
prayer for my family members,for my job and for the world .....JI Thomas
St Fautina pray for me, my throat problem. T.I Joseph
That through Our Lady of Mercy, each Angel and Saint present at every Mass celebrated in the whole world, each and every day, will bring many souls out of purgatory, eternal salvation to many dying souls and conversions to many obstinate sinners, while also interceding for all people to become faithful followers in Christ.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clare :  diagnosed with stomach cancer.  She'll start treatments next week.  Susan :.   Her mother Barb is very concerned and asked we pray for her. St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.

Friday, July 12, 2013

I am suffering much to  a stomach disorder. Please pray for me to be healed and restored back to health. Xavier
  I am going true some difficulties @ work that could course me my job at the moment I'm very emotional and distress on the 16th of July at 09:00 I will be going in to a Disciplinary Hearing very worried that this will be my last day@ work please pray with me true this difficult time. I ask Most Merciful Jesus, Goodness itself You do not refuse light to those who seek it from you I pray.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

For Pastor William's safe travels. Roseann
For Pastor William's safe travels. Roseann
Please pray that Maryanne's foot problem wiill be healed without surgery. Roseann

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please pray for Mary who is up for a promotion and has some competition for the position.Please pray for Joe that he finally gives up his drug addiction and becomes a better husband and father of four.Please pray for career/education discernment for Anntoinette who is not sure how God wants her to serve.Please pray for the father of Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik, who is hospitalized with what may be a stroke.
please pray for my brother in law david , who the doctors think may have had a minor stroke.  my sister colette is davids wife and she is very worried about him. we ask as a  family for your prayers at this very difficult time. praise to jesus and his divine mercy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I want to lift up prayers for the cyclone that struck in Canada, request prayer support for it to pass and not cause any further damage to people and the cities. Urgent pray needed.
praise and thanks pls pray for good health /life patners who r christians for my sis and 2 brothers /moms health /thefinamces shd increase .i believe lord will give this miracle the fly  will remain united always  


Monday, July 8, 2013

praise and thanks this month the plate and hooks are gone health is fine finance will improve

Sunday, July 7, 2013

St Faustina pray for us.

Please pray for Revilon he is having problem at his work place. Rhelac

St Faustina pray for us.

Alan  a tewnty year old who lives in London has been diagnosed with Cancer please keep Alan in your prayers. Thank you. Shane

Saturday, July 6, 2013

St. Faustina pray for us

Helen L:  an elderly lady who has broken her hip.  Please pray she can get a rehab room in Lubbock so family can be nearby.  Also for her healing.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.Dennis J:  grieving the loss of his mother and has health problems.  We pray for health of body, mind and spirit.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.Maribeth

St Faustina pray for us.

From our DM Cenacle:  1.  Luba asks for her daughter's pregnancy.  2.  Irene asks for safe travel back and forth to Texas from Tennessee.  3.  Intentions for Pat and Nita :  and Daniel . 

Friday, July 5, 2013

St Faustina Pray for us.

My Thesis is pending from very beginning Lord now i have only 1month in hand otherwise my whole MA will be rejected & i will be dropped out.God please bless me with a helpful supervisor who will guide me well with excellent ideas to write my Thesis well to get respectable marks more than 90 in my exams so that my percentage becomes good.We need to get more than 55% in our MA to have secure future for that i will have to get more than 90 marks in my thesis to have good percentage.Please bless me. Jyoti


 praise and thanks olord pls take cre and also see the right patners cut and break thanks


Thursday, July 4, 2013


praise and thanks pray for infilling of holy spirit


Please pray for me for a child and good health.


Divine Mercy Incarnate, set souls free from unGodly compulsions, obsessions, addictions, scruples, and unhealthy relationships.  Set us free by the Power of Thy Divine Counselor in Thy Truth and perfect Love that casteth out all fears.  Fill us with Thy Divine Love and love of Thee Emmanuel, Jesus.  There shall be no other God before Thee, Risen Lord Jesus AMEN. Theresa


Divine Mercy Incarnate Jesus, grant me all spiritual relationship, material, & temporal blessings to renew my total consecration to Blessed Mother through True Devotion to Mary method of St. Louis DeMonfort.  Grant this year bear greater fruit in me & those to whom You have me minister.  Grant me True Wisdom  when I write Consecration contract for the Feast Day of Assumption of Blessed Mother when the 33 days are complete & consecration renewed.  True Lord, Jesus be consoled in Thy Mercy. AMEN. Theresa


Divine Mercy Incarnate, I lift to You & humbly beg Blessed Mother to unite these intentions with thine, my Divine Mercy Sunday intentions, especially in regards to Holy Counselor.  True Lord, Jesus grant me grace of Blessed Mother's fiat so that I may be a vessel of Thy healing, mercy, deliverance, acceptance, strength, love to clients & families.  Grant me favor at Gaudenzia with staff & clients & grant us unity in full cooperation with Thy Holy Spirit, Divine Counselor.  AMEN.Theresa


Lord Jesus, need your urgent prayer for my husband Velu who is waiting for his job to go through successfully and we can pay our son university and examination fees and tution fees an our outstanding loans. my son Kiren  is to leave in an months time to russia to study medicine please help us to pay for his fees . protect and calm my thoughts and protect my children Kiren, hugaraj , Monnishaah and Shree Havish.   Desprate mother Judy


Helllo Jay, God Bless.I have an old friend of mine Silvanna that tommorow july 5th she will be having a double masectomy breast cancer her sister Lilly messged me and asked for my prayers please pray for Silvanna and her whole family the whole family tree of the Reda's.Jesus I trust in you. Anna

Pray for us

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp for Lorraine, Misty and the Moyer family.  thank you. Kathleen


Dear Divine Mercy Prayer group, Please pray for Maryson who is going through very difficult situations that his wife Threassiamma is having brain tumor. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU love Sr.Amelia Mary


Dear St Faustina , please pray for Amber, who is 6 months pregnant and is afraid of loosing her baby. This family has had so many crosses to carry this passed year and really would need our prayers. Jesus Mercy, Mary help. JMJ,Betty