Sunday, March 25, 2018

anna- #1 - for successful prayer vigil in Cincinnati OH on Saturday 3/24/18 & for good to be forth coming & the defeat of evil they are praying against. #2 - for all the poor souls as we have lost several close friends recently #3 for a very special intentions - to be brought to a quick & fair resolution with as little action as possible. #4 for family members who are in need of peace, love & joy w/in their families & work places. God bless all those who pray for these intentions.

I lost my job in 2016. Since then, I have been looking for a new job without success. Please pray for me through the intercession of St Joseph and St Faustina that almighty God will lead me to His mercy and grant me the grace of getting a new job, to the glory of His name, amen K

Please pray for a special request. Z

Please pray for a special request. V

Please pray for deliverance from the predicted severe storm of snow & wind for Pennsylvania. Protection needed for utilities, electricity, gas, heating systems, vehicles, trees, animals, vehicles, transit & highway systems. Asking this in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying during this urgent time. God Bless all of you. (4th severe storm in 2018) AG

Pray for a special Request. K

Please pray for me. I need my thyroid removed but my A1C is too high to do the surgery. I have no friends only 1 brother and he is mean to me as he has TBI from being hit by a car. The house is falling apart. I am trying to keep things together but the handymen take the money and don't do the work. I need PT work at least after the surgery or we (me and my brother) won't make it. He is talking suicide. Please pray for us. I need a miracle and an angel soon. C

My name is Christopher J Cassidy, in west chester pa. and I would like you to pray for my sister Dorthy R who has ALS. Thank you Chris
For the repose of the soul of Stephen Hawking. Br. Alex

Please Pray for Special Request. E

Please pray for a special request. Anna
Lord Jesus we adore You in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, we bless You, we praise You, we pray You for the conversion of my mother and sisters. Mother and Queen of the Divine Will pray for us. Luisa Piccarreta pray for us. St Faustina pray for us. Mario

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SANDRA- IS COMPLETELY HEALED OF CANCER. miraclous miracles 4- paula, carl and sherri, . Sherri

 SANDRA- for a complely healed of cancer/ paula,carl and sherri miracles. Sherri

Monday, March 12, 2018

Special request. MC

Please pray for special request. Thanks, Liz

Please pray for my brother Fr. Joseph O that he will be very happy living in retirement in Ireland, that his general health will improve, please pray that the medication will work very well,please God. Many thanks and God's Blessing on you all. John  from Ireland.

Please pray for a special request. T

Please pray for Derek S  St Michael protect us Amen IHS Holy Mother Of God pray for us Amen. D 

For the good and holy death of Joanne C, who has been taken off life support and should die very soon. Requested by Br. Alex
Please pray The Lord will deliver us from the predicted upcoming severe storm of heavy snow & high winds in Pennsylvania. Protection needed for utilities, electricity & gas lines, highway & transportation systems, cable & internet systems, trees, animals, homes, lands, properties, buildings, structures, people & everything in the path of the storm. Asking this in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying & God Bless all of you. AG

Special Request. M

Special Request. D
Special Request. G

I am 93 years old and without electric power and heat since yesterday, due to a severe storm in Northeast U.S. Please pray the power company will quickly restore service to me. Asking this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying during this urgent time of need. God Bless all of you. AG
Special Request. S

Please ask God to help me as I am very anxious. Thanks S

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Please pray for a special request. Thanks, Tom