Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please pray and interseed to Jesus in His Divine Mercy,for my nephew, who is worried about a growth on his prostate. Also for my neice, 18years with Graves Disease. Remember, Sr. Andrea, who is very ill. Thank you, I too am praying the Chaplet for your intentions...Betty

Please pray for Baby Felipe .He was born on 03/2012 by C.section and sent to the children hospital immediately to have open heart surgery the next day. The surgery went well thanks be to God. Now he is ICU recovering.He is making little progress.All family members,relatives,and friends are praying for his recovery.I ask your prayers also.Pray also for his parents who have been in the hospital hoping for any signs of improvement every day.They are vevry obtimistic.Thank you. Yalile

Please pray for Benjamin. In emergency surgery Now. Thanks, EC

Friday, March 30, 2012

lord i ask for your guidance and help on my bone marrow aspiration..bless the medical instruments, the medicines, the doctors and nurses that will do the procedure..bless also the persons who will read, interpret and process my bma samples..make their hands to be like your healing hands for me to be safe and for my lab and bma results to be good and negative..god have mercy on me and touch me by your healing hands for me to be completely healed and restore my health..thank you lord..amen Kent

Please Pray for the speedy recovery of my uncle Francis who resides in Dubai. He collapsed last night as he was sitting on the couch & since then hes unconscious. Drs say its a brain haemorrhage & hes in the ICU. Please he needs a lot of Prayers & May our Lord Bless & Heal him at the earliest. Thanks a lot...God Bless!! Ryna

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pls pray for kent 9yrs old with leukemia for his complete healing and for his platelet to become normal
For healing and God's will for Ike and Elizabeth
Also, courage and grace for Claire
for Jeff to know God's will for his life.
For a holy marriage ... Brad and Lynsey
Thank you, Sweet Lord, for all of your many blessings!
Please Jesus have mercy on me and this whole situation. Please do not let A ruin her life or mine. She is sick and can not get medical treatment. She is a risk to her self and others. Please Jesus no death, misfortune or Tragedy. Protect myself my children parents family and A. I pray that you fix this all in a fast safe manor for the lives and welfare of all. No justice just mercy. Do not let her black out and wreck a vechicle kill someone or her self. I pray for God will to be done.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pray that my testing at work for the next few weeks goes well. Ask the Lord to grant me great peace when it is over. Please pray for strength and perseverance throughout Lent and that I carry this strength throughout the year. I want my light to shine before men. Jesus I trust in You. Michael

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I couldn't post any of my prayer requests, so may I post it here. Please pray for the complete recovery of my mother from cancer. She is 81 years old and just had a radical breast mastectomy yesterday. I also ask for the conversion of my siblings; that they be totally devoted to God and consequently to be good children who would support my parents in old age. Thanks..

Saturday, March 24, 2012

urgently placed on your website. She needs prayers for her son, Jesse, 22 years old. He was in prison for a very short time, but did not seem to learn a lesson from that. Please, may God, heal Jesse from his addiction to alcohol and drugs . He is in a very very deep state of depression. Also prayers for his mother, father and sister who are desperately in need of prayers. Thank you. May God bless you and ALL on your website. Iris

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ST FAUSTINA THIS IS URGENT dad and mom stop ralking to matt and go back to not talking or caring anything about him / i get my padre pio images next wk, all of my p-requests i e-mailled marysway. i loose 98 pound weight loss. Sherri
I request you to pray for me, I got bronchi`tis and typhoide.From one month everyday i`m having fever.Please do pray for me.Thanking you.

I request The Lord to help me, my son, & all the members of my family, the grace of spirituality, i.e to make us even more stronger in our faith. I request also to pray for my son Marlon who is answering his exams (grade9). so that he succeeds in passing and is promoted to grade10. I am facing financial crisis & find the fees very high.. As a single parent i find it quite difficult & feel very much that i have to depend totally on my family members to give me & my son everything... please pray,, Maria
Please pray for a young mother who has cancer. Her name is Tonya. Please pray God heals her. Thank you.
ST FAUSTINA I URGENTLY PRAY 4- YOU TO STOP OBAMA CARE. STOP OBAMA FROm taking our away our religious freedom. Sherri
I pray for my family that we may receive a Financial Blessing, and Good Health. We have many bills, I am on disability, and my wife Cheryl lost her job. Our home suffered a lot of damage in storms last year, and our homeowners insurance is not paying for much, I pray things work out that we do get our money for repairs. Also look after our son Robert, our daughter Melissa, and our grand children. I have faith and with GOD all things are possible. Amen. Robert

Please see the email from my brother about Chris and Pray for best possible outcome.Ray has taken a turn for the worse. Chemo has been ineffective. He is weak and having a tough time with his appetite. He is at home but steps are being taken to have available on call nursing if his condition continues to deteriate. Chris will be going up later this week to help them. Chriss brother, Matt is there. Greg has been traveling a lot but he and his wife jenn have been there to support.
ST FAUSTINA THIS IS URGENT MATT gets turnned down 4-ssi 4-good never to be able to apply again. SS never reviews my case again, Sherri

Urgent prayers requested for Bervinda (77 yrs) who has been diagonised only yesterday with cancer of the lungs. Her husband also 77 yrs and the children are all devastated. Please pray that our Blessed Mother be her constant support and protection every step of the way and that the Good Lord may grant her the strenth and courage through all of her sufferings and that in His great love, mercy and compasson she will recover. Marjorie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Prayer MembersPlease pray for my daughter, Luan who is on a visit visa to UAE in search of a job as Nurse. Her visit visa expires on 31st of March ’12. Please pray to Divine Mercy to help her find a job in a hospital and give her an employment visa so that she will not have to leave the country and go back to India. Please also pray that she may get her MOH licence soon and pass her DHA exam which is on 21.3.’12. Please pray to Jesus to make a miracle. Thank you all!
For the healing of Rosemary for skin disease that has spread all over her body and in serious pain. No medication has been found to cure this disease. She needs spiritual and emotional support. I also need prayers to conquer any bad habits and desist from temptations and sin.God help me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

prayer for our 35 wedding anniversary this coming march 19 and prayer for blessing on my 59th birthday,thank you,God bless. Mary
for the Marcelino Lim family and that his son Rainer will be able call to work,soon,thank you and God bless. Mary
ST FAUSTINA THIS IS EMERGENCY URGENT- FRANCIS from marysway e-mails me and tells me my st padre pio images are coming next wk, all of my p-requests i sent marysway 2-be granted. i am protected when i go on the computer. Sherri

For the Intentions of Sherri.
Please pray for Linette's husband Kevin who was hit on his bicycle (a hit and run) and for his family . He is in hospital with broken bones and other injuries. Thank you. May God bless you and all on this web-site. Iris
Through of St,Faustina I ask that my grandaughter Medb be cured of all seisures an grow strong and healthy. Anne
From St Rose Cenacle meeting: 1. Ralph asks for a safe delivery in July and Aug of two new babies in his family.2. Rosemarie has a mass in her leg, is seeing a surgeon Tues. She asks for good results.. 3. Mary asks that her 3 daughters will turn their lives back to Jesus and live for Him and that the pain in her knees will be taken away andl be healed. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
From the St. Rose Cenacle meeting: 1. Danielle asks for her sister, Suzanne's knee surgery and recovery. For her aunt Emma and Uncle Clem's health. For peace and reconcilliation among the people of South Africa. For Yvonne's recovery of good health. For God's will to be done in her own life. 2. Maribeth asks for the Holy Spirit to guide us and every parish planning for the Celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday. St. Faustina pray us. Maribeth
Please pray with me for Mary's intetnions and those consecrated to Her immaculate Heart, especially for Karen, These, Sue and the Cady family. Thank you, Kathleen

Friday, March 16, 2012

Please pray for Pokey who is having extensive back surgery today and will be in need of assitance due to lack of mobilization for 12 weeks.Thank you for all you do for souls!!-Alison

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blessings and Mercy for Ken B who will have cardiac ablation surgery tomorrow morning. Chris B
ST FAUSTINA I URGENTLY PRAY L DOESNT COME DOWN here on spring break 4-a whole wk. SH

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her immaculate heart for Austin, teen who is recovering from a suicide attempt and for his family. Thank you

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Donna R: in ICU. she has no family locally. Her friend and co workers are there for her. Please pray for Donna's recovery and for the graces needed for those standing bysupporting her. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
Jimmy H: Has had a seizure and is in the hospital awaring results. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
In December my elder brother Joe had a mild heart attach and lost his memory. Dr said that it will take atlease 3 months for him to fully recover. Please keep my brother in prayers so that he may recover asap. My mother most of all is very upset to see her son suffer and is in tears always praying for his recovery. Maria
Please pray for the continuation of the Judeo-Christian tradition of our country and the safety of our inalienable rights. Lord Jesus please guide us and protect us. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth

Monday, March 12, 2012

Balbina : Has multiple malignant tumers in her head and lungs. Please also pray for her husband George. They have a son, Christopher, that lives with them that has debilitating seizers. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth

Thank you for Cindy's healthy grandbaby and baby's mother. We praise and glorify God's goodness and mercy. TD

Sunday, March 11, 2012

ST FAUSTINA THIS IS EMERGENCY francis from marysway e-mails me and tells me my st padre pio images will be mailed next wk. all of my p-requests i e-mailed marysway 2-be granted, i loose 80-pounds. URGENT i get my passport insurence back and get ss raise. when dad goes to SS a favorable outcome i get approved 4-foodstamps 3-4 hundred dollars A COMPLETE HEALING 4-me mom dad libby pat cain judy-carroll coogle aunt sue maryanne m jaspers marriage. else from w,w, mom dads debuts all cleared and paid

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please pray for Mary Ann who fell on our church steps this morning while she was trying to prevent an older lady from falling. She hit her head on the concrete and has a fractured skull and is in ICU. She is a prayer warrior for all of us and we need her. Please please pray for her recovery!!! Kathleen
my son paul is 29yrs of age he is my only child. paul suffers from a few very serious medical conditions. very shortly he will be undergoing further examinations in relation to the welfare benefits that he recieves. this is causing him a lot of stress, he suffers from depression, and i am afraid about how is handling this situation. please pray for both of us as it is coming up to the 3rd anniversary of my husband's death,and we are still coming to terms with that. Donna
Jay and Patte Hastings: We pray for Our Lord to bless them with every grace they need as they work to spread the message of Divine Mercy. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
Berti: Within 9 months her husband has died, her sister died suddenly less than a month after her husband, another sister being diagnosed with ALS, her daughter has undiagnosed severe pain. She is a devout Catholic.. She is experiencing depression. Her medical plan does not allow her to change doctors. Please pray for good medical care for Berti, her sister and her daughter. Please Lord, comfort Berti during this difficult time. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth

Friday, March 9, 2012

Jesus I am sorry for all of my sins please forgive me and have mercy on me. I am living in a state of sin and I do not want to live this way anymore. Please deliver me Lord Jesus save me and fix this. Please do not let me lose my children, my home, lose all my assets and cause much hurt trouble and pain to my parents and family. I need you Jesus please stop all of this. have mercy on me and all of the people this involves. No justice just mercy and your divine grace. Please bring peace. Jesus ! J

That the medical testing will turn out ok for Victoria by the grace of God. Carol
Please pray for Raquel's mother who has Lupis and needs to be operated on for bulging discs on her spine./Also, please pray for Linette's mother who had an operation on her heart this morning.Thank you, May Our Lord bless all His children on this web-site. Iris
Please pray for me. I just had a polyp removed from my cervix. Praying it is not cancer. Thank you and God bless you.prayer needed for Sister Stephanie. Mary
Please pray for me. I’m being viciously attacked by demons tonight (not just spiritually attacked, but also physically attacked to the point where I feel like I’m going to die of exhaustion). Please help. This is real. I never believed this type of thing was real until it happened to me. Only when lots of people pray – especially people who are very holy and have a deep faith in God – do I get relief. Please ask God to deliver me and grant me relief. Thank you! Jessica

Thursday, March 8, 2012

For Richard and for Fr MacRae
Please pray the Chaplet for evangelical Christian Actor, KIRK CAMERON, from the old tv series Growing Pains. KIRK is under VIOLENT, HORRIFIC and the Most VILE attacks, sustained, because on the Piers Morgan Show, he called homosexual activity sinful and destructive of those who practice it. The satanic hatred being ferociously directed at Kirk, at this godfearing man, is absolutely unbelievable. Pls pray for his salvation and CONVERSION to Catholicism too, and for strength. AMEN.
thanks, D
Please pray for the most forgotten Americans: for all men and women sentenced to, and living in the horrifically wicked and diabolical conditions as inmates in America's Federal and State Prisons and large jails. These people need conversion and salvation. The conditions in those places are filthy, violent, rape and sodomy filled, filled with blasphemy, racism, hate and filled with Evil Spirits. Please pray for these inmates. Pray the Chaplet for them. AMEN.
Please pray the chaplet for my dear elderly mom Janet, for her restoration of her health and eyesight, her divine temporal protection from ALL trouble and harm, and for God to FULLY convert her to the Catholic faith and grant her final perseverance sanctification and SALVATION. AMEN.
Please also pray a chaplet for me, Donald, for Divine Protection, by all supernatural means available, of my job, of me, and of my needed income, and for a financial miracle for me so that I can do the needed Justice God knows I **NEED** to do. Please ask God to protect me from, and PREVENT ANY, confrontations with: Patrick, Management, Loss Prevention, Jane, or any of my co-workers due to a very difficult and awfully stressful situation at work brought on by constant bullying & retaliation. D.R.
Please pray for my sweet, sacred mom Janet, elderly, that God will heal all her health problems, RESTORE her good eyesight, and convert, fully, HER and my dad Charles, and my sister Donna to the Catholic faith and grant mom, dad, and Donna santicification, final perseverance, salvation, safety, and Divine invincible protection of them and all their assets from all trouble and harm, and my deeper conversion, spiritual and mental/moral healing and my own Divine protection, final perseverance. DR

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Please pray the chaplet for my dear elderly mom Janet, for her restoration of her health and eyesight, her divine temporal protection from ALL trouble and harm, and for God to FULLY convert her to the Catholic faith and grant her final perseverance sanctification and SALVATION. AMEN.
Please pray for Sara who is on life support following a serious suicide attempt. Erin

Please pray for Christina who has intercranial hypertension. ND

Monday, March 5, 2012

Please pray for Angela who will be having an operation on Wednesday 3/7 for breast cancer. AM

Please pray for my daughter, jennifer of who is moving from her apartment because of an abusive landlord. She is under great stress and it is affecting her health and work. He has been arrested before for tennant harrassement.// Please pray for her and her boyfriend and dog safety as they move. Please surround them with divine protection and light.Thank you. Bonnie

Please pray for Loreen Thornton who is having kidney surgery to remove 10 kidney stones. She has 2 small children, and is expected to be in much pain.Thank you for all you do for souls!!-Alison

JT, whom we have been praying for on this group, definitely has a return of his cancer. He will not be taking chemo. Please pray for him and Susie, his companion. Please pray for all the graces they need to live through this difficult time. St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
I am a victim of demonic possession and it is very violent. Without prayer, I’m not certain I would be alive right now. Please pray for me that God will protect me from death (from being killed by the demonic attacks/possession) and that he will protect me physically from harm. Please ask Him to send relief, protection and help today and to heal any damage that has already been done to my body. Thank you so much! Jessica

please pray for my partner john. he is waiting to go into hospital for the insertion of a pacemaker and difibulator. he has been waiting some time for this procedure to be carried out, and it is very stressful for him. jesus we trust in you. Donna

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayer requests from our Cenacle meeting:1. Danielle: Thanksgiving for all blessings and graces received and for the kindness of others.2. Maribeth: Art P living with at least 3 auto immune diseases. Medication lowers defenses against cancer and infections. He is facing 2 surgeries for skin cancer.St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
Prayer requests from our Cenacle meeting:1. Irene: Bronna Harris, she has a mysterious illness that has confined her to a wheelchair.2. Irene: Nephews AJ and Karl.3. Luba: Ethan and his school work. Laura as she goes through her teen years.4. Danielle: People of South Africa...peace, good will and just leadership restored.5. Danielle: Lenore has a successful outcome for eye surgery.6. Danielle: Rachel suffering from leukemia. Maribeth