Friday, December 31, 2010

Have a Happy and Holy New Year !!

Jesus I trust in You

CHRISTMAS PEACE & HOPE IN 2011! Our Broken & Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..2011!! Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Daily Hardships(Financial & Other) and Sorrows...Please if Possible? Can you Pray Daily with us in 2011,12..or as long as possible??Please pass or e-mail prayer request on: Parishes,Convents,Monasteries,
Shrines,Prayer Groups,Retired Sisters and Other you know of?? Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer in 2011 as we stay at our Post!!! Bill and Carol. oh.usa.

Bill and Carol

Thursday, December 30, 2010

i'm very, very, very ill; very high fever 2-3 weeks straight; throat,ear lung infection now I have bronchitus as well too now. please have lots of people pray for me please; and give other prayer sites my requests too please.

for urgent prayers several people with servere mental illness whose families have requested prayers; for their healing; for all our friends urgent needs; for water crises in ireland to be sorted@ for all families needs.

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and for those consecrated to Her immaculate Heart, especially for Eric, a young man who is paralyzed and in great pain. Thank you

Dear Jay,

Praying a blessed New Year for you and yours and all the Prayer Warriors........

Please pray for a young father named Matthew. He had a heart attack today.


Holly Devers received lungs transplant today. May she heal well.Wilson Nelson - kidney failure

Gino BernardiniWilson Nelson

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gay Brigance - having foot surgery on January 7th.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alexandra Scholze - kidney transplant trying to fight off infection.Jeff Horton - prostate cancer
Blessed Mother Mary and St. Faustina,HELP! Myfamily needs help and healing andi need help and healing. i personally feel that without the Divine intervention of JESUS,i have been done irreparableharm.Please Blessed Mother Mary,won't You pleasehear the cause of my family,our prayers for others and the prayers for me and my own prayers,and give themto JESUS that hopefully HE will answer all of them,ibeg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Eternal Father i offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of ThyDivine Son ,Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today,for all the Holy Souls inpurgatory,for sinners everywhere , for sinners in theuniversal church,those in my own home,and within my family,Amen.(St. Gertrude theGreat
Blessed St. Faustina i think i have helped approx.1,000,000+ souls in Purgatory to get to Heaven earlier by praying the special prayer for the poorsouls in Purgatory.Could You please ask all of the souls i helped to help me and my family with JESUS and MARY.We really need help.i beg all of this of Mother Mary and St. Joseph,and St. Michael and You St. Faustina, to JESUS, in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Dear Blessed Mother Mary i have cried and cried andcried,would You please ask JESUS to hear my cries,HE heard David's cries,would You please ask YourDIVINE SON JESUS to hear my cries, and to hear all of our family's prayers,some of us walk on the very edge of despair,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Dear Blessed Mother Mary thank You for being my Motherand please ask St Faustina to go with You and St Joseph,and St. Michael,and please ask JESUS to hear all of our family's prayers ,especially for our son,and that we are all protected and healed,and financially secure,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of jESUS,Amen
Prayer requests that came from another circle of prayer chain:

Teri's Mom is in the final stagesI do not have her name.

Ray is again losing blood, but making some improvement

Chris continues to slowly improve each day.

Butch sustained another heart attack and is doing better. Has been discharged.

Prayrs needed for Joi. Who has severe case of pneumonia, and infection

In blood. Condition is critical

Note: Betty, passed away Dec 12( lady who had no cancer treatment options) however, the family asked we continue to pray for them

For my Friend’s dad who passed away in summer- pray for his soul.

For an RCIA attendee, for her dad, 89 years old is on hospice care, and needs our prayers.

For a pray-er Rose Marie going through stages of Alzeihmer, strength, endurance and patience for her daughter( pray-er

Monday, December 27, 2010

That my son will know the love and mercy of our dear Savior and turn to Him. May he guide his family in the way of the Lord. Thank You Lord for all blessings received


Dear friends
...just got this mail....
...please, please.....join our hearts in unison for prayer for healing of Tony P..._ he is the grandpa of ..the 'little angel' Kaytlin- (Katie )-what we are praying for her for past 11 months - she is one year old now... is doing amazingly well, walking( doctors told them she will walk when she'll be 2.5 - 3 yrs old., because they said she has 'genetic disorder'.) Thank You all for all prayers !!!Praises and Thank To You Lord...!!!!
...few of You are Eucharistic ministers, Pastor., religious nuns...and many more belong to Christian Assemblies, Charismatic Prayer Groups, Cenacles, Legion of Mary, Divine Mercy Chaplet 24 hrs ......please, still remember in Your prayers: ....Susan Smith ( had a surgery)... Suzette- young mother of two little children - dying of brain cancer...
...Benedict, little 8 yrs old boy- autism..
..Connor , little boy - 4 yrs old..starting chemo therapy.....
............please, forgive me....I do know it is very busy time ....but please, stop for a moment and think if it You or Your precious child .. ...what would You ???...
Thank advance for responding to this call !
May God Bless You all ..and Peace and Love of Christ be with You!
Mathew 18:20

pls.pray that I may get over many problems right now, even my spiritual life is suffering, not knowing what to do and where to go
J Charisse

Dear St. Faustina,Please pray for me to be releived of all financial troubles!I beg this of you, in the name of Jesus, Mary & Joseph.Jesus I Trust In You! Please help and bless me. I loveyou and need your help so much!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello Dear Brother in Gods Divine Mercy,

SO much suffering. I know you pray for all on these lists, and all that suffer
in the world. How blessed we are to be members of the Body of Christ and
the grace He gives us to "pray"....intercede for all.

Blessed Christmas and a holy new year. Enrolled you in the 900 Mass
Novena, and your loved ones.......and the Prayer Warriors.

Jesus, I trust in You!!!

In Him,

Monday, December 20, 2010

That my son will know the love and mercy of our dear Savior and turn to Him. May he guide his family in the way of the Lord. Thank You Lord for all blessings received.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

That my son will know the love and mercy of our dear Savior and turn to Him. May he guide his family in the way of the Lord. Thank You Lord for all blessings received.

Thank you and God bless you.

You and all prayer warriors will be enrolled in 900 Mass Novena beginning
Christmas Eve with the Franciscan Mission Capuchins, OFM.

Merry Christmas

More prayers needed.


Plese pray for my brother Jim, He lost his wife 2 months ago, of cancer, and lost his oldest daughter, Janet, suddenly, age 39 last week. Now he is facing many, many financial difficulties. He has filed for bankruptcy, and is very upset.


I have been struggling financially, by god's grace I am very qualified and also keep getting the best of jobs, however something or the other comes up wherein I do not get paid for the work I do, currently I am workin in a company from india but my job is placed in the USA and am waiting for a confirmation since 2 months, once its confirmed I will be leaving India and settling there. I am 27yrs of age now and have responsibility of my parents and would be gettin married next year too, pls pray

I, Sapna and Sebastian have been in love since 6 years now, we both are 27years old and see that god has got us together. We wish to settle down in marriage and unite eachother inlove. Pls pray for our wedding to come to pass according to the time god has in mind, we are struggling financially and with sebastian's job confirmation, we are also looking at immegrating to USA. Pls keep us and all our situations in your prayer that a breakthrough may take place.
Sapna S

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Please pray for me, my brother Joseph, Tina, and all sick friends and relatives, god bless you, Jay, Cathy A Blessed Christmas and a Happy, healthy, holy New Year

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please let both my children stay close to God their entire lives. Let them live long healthy happy lives. Help my son recover from autism

Please pray for the sick: Eric, Evelyn, Martha, Jim, Rashaun, Mimi, Kathe, Rich, Sarah and those who have no one to pray for them. I Also ask for prayers for my family especially those who are luke warm or fallen away Catholics; for safe family travel and the health and well being of my eight Grandchildren; for all of Blessed Mother Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her iMMaculate Heart.

Please pray for my son and husbands conversion from sin and addiction. Pray also for all the unbelief in this world, may we all draw near to our Lord.Jo

Pray for friend Chris Thomas who has tore 2 discs in his back and may need surgery. Pray for best possible outcome.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For retired Archbishop Phillip Hannan. He is dying at his home in Covington, La.
Dear St. Faustina please would You please ask ourBlessed Mother Mary,and all of the Good Archangels,Good Angels and Good Saints to pray for our son and our family to JESUS that we are protected totally from the snow storm along with others my family works with and please Blessed Mother Mary will You pleaseask the Heavenly Host to pray for our family that weare healed of our illnesses totally,i beg this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Please remember Marc Anthony in your prayers. Also, Dean Raborn and family.
Blessed St. Faustina please ask Mother Mary to askJESUS to protect my family and heal my family totallyespecially my daughter,and also the rest of my family,and to ask the entire Heavenly Host to intercede withYou,especially St. Joseph, St. Michael,St. Gabriel,and St. Raphael,and all of the Good Archangels,i beg this inthe MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.
Blessed St. Faustina please ask Mother Mary to askJESUS to protect my family and heal my family totallyespecially my daughter,and also the rest of my family,and to ask the entire Heavenly Host to intercede withYou,especially St. Joseph, St. Michael,St. Gabriel,and St. Raphael,and all of the Good Archangels,i beg this inthe MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blessed St. Faustina thank You for being a friend to myfamily,thank You for asking our Blessed Mother Mary to hear our prayers and take them to JESUS,HerDIVINE SON,i pray this in the MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen
Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph,and St. Anthony,and St. Faustina please ask the Heavenly Host to intercede with You to JESUS that HE heals and protects ourfamily,this day and always and that He allows us tokeep our homes,and be safe especially our son and HE hears and answers all of our prayers,i beg this all inthe MOST HOLY DIVINE NAME of JESUS,Amen.

BLESS KANNAN and PINKY in their TRAVEL business , bless him with good health , wealth, progress in his bussiness and ABUNDANCE success in all whatever they doBLESS kannan and pinky happy married lifeBLESS US FINANCIALLY , MOST URGENT REQUESTSBLESS DARRYL WITH GOOD JOBBLESS ARENA, GLORIA to get married in good family with good life partners BLESS ARENA , GLORIA, DARRYL, SYLVIE WITH SUCCESS IN ALL WHATEVER THEY DO AND GUIDE THEM THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Bro & sister in christ

Iam thankful to entire team who have prayed for speedy recovery of my dad who is sick for long time I have confident in Jesus christ that he will touch and heal him, I once again thank all the Member.

Thank's & Regard's

In Christ
Anthony L

Please Pray for repose of the soul of ROBERT PAUL CAPRIO. Thnaks, JH

Please pray for the restoration of my teaching job. Please pray for all involved to be filled with the Holy Spirit and compassion for my plight. I was called to be a teacher by God. Please pray that I can return to my job/vocation. I offer up all of my recent sufferings for the special intentions in my heart and for the Holy Souls. I also thank God for all the blessings in my life. I ask all of this through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and through the intercession of his Immaculate Mother.


Please pray for the safe return of my cat who has gone missing.I am very worried about him.thanks Kevin

Friday, December 10, 2010

Please keep Pastor Deb and her husband from Spring, TX in prayer. Though, they are not catholic they are great loving people and need our support.He just recently had a heart attack and will be undergoing bypass surgery soon. May God shower you with continuous blessings=)
Saira Garcia

I have been workign so hard since 6 years, got many jobs but no financial returns, had to resign from them to study further, today by god's grace am quite qualified, hired with a MNC company but yet on no salary as my job location is in USA and I am in India, until they confirm my offer I will be working for free, its been 2 months am waiting for confirmation, pls pray that my job gets confirmed as I have financial pressures., I am 27yrs now, i need mental emotional strength too. thanks.
Sebastian Matthew

Thursday, December 9, 2010

please pray the conversion of Sue she is dying

I want to pray for Florie D'souza who has been currently diagonised with Herpes and is struggling much in pain, doctors say that this can lead to a deeper reason, she will be celebrating her 50th Wedding annivesary on 28th Dec, a Golden jublee wherein all her family will be joining her, pls pray that the lord may heal her and keep her safe for this celebration. Currently she is hospitalised as her BP is not getting in control.

I got married in June 2010 and my husband stays in the carribean island where as I am here in India waiting for my visa to join him. This is an arranged marriage and he does not know the lord, pls pray that I am able to speak of christ to him and that both of us may bond in love with eachother, also want to especially pray for my visa so I may get to be with him. I want him to be more open to me and love me as his wife, he's not expressive and is afraid of his parents. I miss him.

I want to pray for my mother - Sony Shahani who suffers from much pain due to arthritis, she is practically immovable but ever so willing to stand up for christ and for her loved ones. She has BP, Heart, Sugar and other complications as well. Her financial struggles are also much, yet doesnt complain. Pls pray for her healing, espcially for her baptism as she desires this after seeing me baptised. I want to pray for her tuition classes to go well as she likes teaching despite all her body pain.

I know a girl named Anu who shared that she gets sexually abused by ghosts at nights and her body has become very loose, this happens to her only when she is in her own house, doesnt happen when she is travelling or any other place. Pls pray for her deliverance as this depletes her of her all energy. She wishes to get married soon, is about 30 yrs of age too, doesnt even have a job, nothing works out for her. Needs deliverance.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Requests from the Divine Mercy Cenacle, St. Rose, Murfreesboro, TN.Diane a nursing home nurse hospitalized with multiple health problems: healing and total recovery and return to work where she is full of mercy to her nursing home residents.Darrin 43 yrs with Muscular Distrophy: increasing health problems, healing and coping with disabilities and help in dealing with family issues.James nursing home resident: health and emotional problems, healing..

From the Divine Mercy Cenacle, St Rose, Murfreesboro, TN.Ralph legally blind with increased loss of vision since recent eye surgery: Recovery of lost vision, calm anxiety, health and well being for his family and friends supporting him.Michael, Michelle, Nicole, Megan: Mother and wife's special intentions for each of them.Deacon Pete, Marion, Gloria and Larry: Mission team to Haiti leaving Dec 7: Protection from cholorea, safe travel, all the graces and blessings needed.

From the Divine Mercy Cenale, St Rose, Murfreesboro, TN Children of St. Rose preparing for First Communion and Confirmation.Adults of St Rose in RCIA and instructors. Our priests and members of St. Rose parish use Advent for a sason for graces and prepare for a most blessed Cristmas season.MJ

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Novena to St John of the Cross starts Dec 5

Floyd--fell & cut off most of ear; injured or broke neck; tranferred to Univ. Hospital in New Orleans, LA. Please put him on any prayer line that you can.

Friday, December 3, 2010




This is an update regarding Jacob, the young boy who is struggling with loss of eyesight due to a hereditary eye disease...

Jacob's parents received a call from the clinic in California, requesting Jacob come back for a new experimental medication. On the previous trip the experimental treatment planned was not administered. So Jacob and his mom went to California, the treatment was given, they are back home in NY and waiting for results. Joan is handling the situation better and thanks everyone for the prayers which she feels have given her the strength she needs to get through the process. Thank you all for your prayers. Will update as we learn more. God Bless you for your faithfulness in praying for this boy and his famiLY.



Hi mom. Sheryl Janis sent me this text last night...

Just got word Joe's mom has lung cancer. More tests to see what kind & what treatment options. Ask your mom to send a prayer request that it's treatable please. Her name is Judy J.


Dear Family and Friends:

Please pray for our Great Nephew 4 year old Khalil G who will be undergoing a biopsy on a lymph node in his neck, on Dec lst at 7:15 AM in Yuma, Arizona. May our God the Father bless him with a healthy biopsy and a healthy report.

Please pray for the Soul of Peggy H who went home to the Lord. May our God the Father open wide the gates of heaven for her.

Please pray for Liz's mother Anna who was rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. May our God the Father bless her with nothing serious and bless her with health.

Please pray for Jayne E, a dear friend of ours, who is scheduled for surgery on a fracture of her fibula, in her leg, which she suffered in a fall. She will undergo surgery on Tuesday, Nov. 30th at 7AM. May our God the Father bless her with a successful surgery and a complete and quick healing.

Please pray for Marion E, a dear friend of ours, she has been in pain due to swelling of her right wrist. May our God the Father bless her with a not serious report from the Doctor on Monday.

Please pray for our brother in Law, Andrew Guerra, who will be undergoing a hernia surgery soon. May our God the Father bless him with a successful surgery and a complete and quick recovery.

Please pray for 4 year old Caroline F who was diagnosed with seizures. May our God the Father bless her doctors with the knowledge and wisdom to treat her successfully and bring about a complete healing.

Please pray for 78 year old Josephine M who is in the hospital due to too much thinning of her blood and causing her to bruise easily. She also has a pain in her lower abdomen and leg which may be caused by a blocked artery leading to her Kidney and she may need a stent. May our God the Father bless her with the correct treatments to heal her and bless her with a quick healing.

Dear Family and Friends: Please pray for these intentions sent by our dear friend Tom. May our God the Father bless them all with His Mercy and Healing. Thank you and God bless you all Love Frank and Gloria Costello

Sent: 11/29/2010 7:10:27 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Urgent Prayer Requests

Dear Prayerful Family and Friends of Jesus and Mary,

Advent Blessings and Prayers!

Please pray for the following:

Harriet M, my good friend and neighbor for almost 14 years, has been readmitted to the hospital. After not being able to determine a diagnosis for many years, Harriet is now suffering from Congestive Heart Failure, a pernicious infection and pneumonia. Let us pray to our good, loving and merciful Heavenly Father to lay His healing Hand upon Harriet to restore her back to complete health. “For God, nothing is impossible.”

Thomas D. Scheurich, Paul’s brother, will have Prostate biopsies on Wednesday, December 1st. Let us pray to our kind, gentle, and merciful God so that all biopsies will be benign.

Aunt Theresa M, my dear aunt, for whom you have been prying, has been moved to an assisted living situation. She is still weak and in much pain. Let us pray to our good and generous God to assist her doctors and medical staff in controlling her pain. She will celebrate her 89th birthday tomorrow. Praise God!

Fr. Devasia Pudussery, CM of Orissa India, for whom many of you have praying, may he receive sufficient donations to purchase a good used car so that he may conduct his pastoral, vocational and mission responsibilities in an expedient manner. Let us continue to pray for our generous God to grant Fr. Devasia adequate transportation.

Again, many thanks for your prayers for those in great need. Let us pray also for a de-escalation of the turmoil occurring between North and South Korea and an end to all wars, especially during this holy season of great joy and anticipation of The Prince of Peace on Christmas Day! Let us continue to pray for each other. Please be assured of my prayers for you at daily Mass.

Please pray for our brother in Law, Andrew G who will undergo Hernia surgery at St Joseph's Hospital at 7 AM tomorrow, Wednesday, Tomorrow is also his 86th Birthday. May our God the Father bless Andy with a wonderful Happy birthday with a successful surgery and a complete and quick healing.

Please pray for the Soul of Lorenzo G who went home to the Lord a week ago. May our God the Father bless him with a new abode in heaven.

Please pray for Mrs. Beicourt, 21 year old mother of two and a half old Stephane Beicourt. Mrs. Beicourt has undergone 3 pap smears and is now scheduled for a surgery. May our God the Father bless her with a successful surgery and a complete healing.

Please pray for Nick who is suffering from emotional and depressives problems. May our God the Father bless him with Peace of Mind and Soul and fill him with strength to get professional help.

Please pray for Marion E who has been diagnosed with Arthritis in her hand. May our God the Father bless her with the right treatment and medicine to heal this condition.

Thank you and God bless you all Love Frank and Gloria Costello


Sue Cifelli

Please pray for Anna my friend's Liz mother .She was rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving day. Liz can't imagine a day without her mom.For all who are sick during the holidays have them be surrounded by friends and family to help them.

Love and Prayers

Please pray for the prompt disbanding of the United Nations
Defamation of Religions [Islam] Resolution Passed in Third Committee

Dear Prayer Warriors
Below is an email received this morning from a customer. She has given me permission to share her email address along with this prayer request.
Please send Denise some encouraging words of faith, hope and love.
God Bless you for your faith in HIM

From: denise beamon

Good Morning My Beloved,

First of all...Forgive me for not inquiring prior of your Day of Thanksgiving. I trust it was wonderful to say the least.

Secondly, thanks you sooo much for updating me on the status of that particular prayer box. I must go online and search for another that catches my eye.

As always..I'm so appreciative of your services. Continue to keep me in prayer as you do and sending the weekly prayer. If you say an added prayer that would be fantastic.

I've been unemployed for 10 months almost with benefits near there end. The job market is bleak but I continue to pluck away with a few nibbles. But I claim my "Blessing" that I will be gainful employed the month of December.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime...Be well and Blessings to you!

Friends in Christ,



Rita Monceaux"

Prayer Warriors Needed to pray for the following intentions:


Please pray for Doris C who is in hospital with Congestive Heart Failure and problems with her kidneys.

Danny's back is out again...prayers please...Maddie

Just in case you are receiving this update for the first time, Denae and I are expecting identical twin girls with a due date of 3-15-2011. The pregnancy has been very easy up until yesterday at 24 weeks (11-23-10)

One twin is 13 oz and the other is 21 oz. It also means that the girl with the 1/3rd less weight is not capable of receiving the nutrients that it needs in order to grow at the rate it should because she also has restricted blood flow. She is also receiving less oxygen as well which could lead to other problems down the line. With all that could happen, there is still a lot that can happen….that’s where ya’ll come in. We need a lot of prayers for the girls and mom so that we keep those babies baking for as long as we can. The longer they stay inside, the better they can develop and the more they will weigh. BUT they are so concerned about the blood flow to the smaller baby. This can get worse but we are hoping for a miracle. Denae is doing well, but has been as anxious as I have been . We will keep this in God’s hands and pray for the best and in the mean time, learn as much as we can about what’s going on inside that little belly of hers.

Take care and we Love you all,

Brian and Denae

Bob had surgery Tuesday on his neck for repair of multiple compressed and bulging discs. They weined him off of the strong shots and he is taking pain meds by pills now. Dr. Juneau is being very cautious of his recovery and care from his neck surgery with the placement of a plate with screws holding his neck together. The surgical nurse came in at 5:30 am this morning and removed his drainage tube to the neck, checked him out and said if you really feel like going home I can give the order to release you now. So John came picked us up and took us home this morning. Bob is now settled in on his recliner. Thank you for all the prayers, cards and phone calls from everyone.
Eula Delhommer

Edna Gossen P who is currently in the hospital at Opelousas General. Edna is very ill and the family has asked for prayers.

Please pray for a young couple who are having marriage problems, coming from outside their marriage. May God help them to be strong and to cling to one another and not dwell on the problems of other family members.

Please pray for my mama who is having mental problems becuz of the alzheimer's.

Please pray for Rick & Sonya Brigg's 2 children. They are NOT GOOD AT ALL, BOTH OF THEM ARE HANGING ON BY A THREAD. Please pray for the family.

Thank you Jesus for taking care of me, during the problems I've encountered during these last few months since my spouse has died. I would just like to tell everyone to trust in Jesus, no matter what!


Dale B, from Iota, is really in need of prayers. He was in the tornado/bad winds that really did a job on his house. Plus other problems with a bad burn injury. Please pray. Thanks

Please pray for an infection I have, about 5 styes coming to a head on the side of my eyes. Very contageious, did not make mass because of fever and chills today.
Rita Monceaux

Please pray for Jan B, of Franklin, La. she will have an MRI this afternoon. The pain is unbearable. Her back is not fixed from the last surgery, and she still can't walk. The doctor said he may have to use a pain block to help her. Pray that some permanent solution may be found this afternoon.

Update on Shirley M, she had a liter of fluid drained from her lungs yesterday. She is breathing and talking better. Still in the hospital, General Hospital, Lafayette, La.

Update on Bailey L: Day 1 of 38 treatment round two... Please pray that she feels pain but that it passes quickly! (Pain means that the treatment is working)... Radiation finished this morning and my little girl is all smiles as usual!
Brooke Leon

Prayers needed for my hubby who is having sinus surgery tomorrow. thank you,
Melissa Vincent

Michael Normand

Edna Gossen P from Washington, LA went into a coma last night and she passed away peacefully this afternoon at Opelousas General Hospital. Edna had been very ill and the family had asked for prayers. God has brought her home. Please continue to pray for the family in their time of grieving.

Please be praying for Laynah, we just found out she has RSV Thanks, Jeremiah Boudreaux.

Thanks for the prayers sent my way. I will undergo another cat scan on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010 to see if the spot on my lung is growing. If so we will then decide what course of treatment we have to do. Also please pray for my 1 yr old grandson, William, as he is having surgery the same day for tubes in the ears and adnoids. My daughter has been suffering from continual staph infections for a few years now. She has seen doctor after doctor. Please lift her up in prayer as these staph infections are very painful and take drainage and packing to and strong antibotics to clear up. She is at her wits end. Please pray for a healing for her.
Thanks prayer warriors,
Tracey Benoit-Schexnayder

Please continue to pray for Jennifer C, she is still suffering with 5 hour headaches and vomiting, has been unable to work for a month now, finances need help, took a EEG yesterday, pray for healing so she can go to work. thanks

Please pray for Jan B, of Franklin, La. she will have an MRI this afternoon. The pain is unbearable. Her back is not fixed from the last surgery, and she still can't walk. The doctor said he may have to use a pain block to help her. Pray that some permanent solution may be found this afternoon.

Update on Shirley McFarland, she had a liter of fluid drained from her lungs yesterday. She is breathing and talking better. Still in the hospital, General Hospital, Lafayette, La.

Your prayers are requested for Kinzie and her family. Kinzie is back home recuperating but her doctors have not come to a satisfactory diagnosis of her illness. Please pray for them to be guided by the Holy Spirit as they try to determine what is plaguing Kinzie.
In Him,
Lou Soileau

Sitting in the surgery unit of Our Lady of Lordes, waiting for Janet to have surgery on her foot. They say she will be here for 24 hour observation. So I will be here with my bride for the next few days. Pray for a successful surgery and SPEEDY Recovery.
Randy Bertrand

Update on Steve--Yesterday the Dr. found out he has a really bad infection in his right lung. This infection is what is causing the eczema. He has not worked a full wk. in 4 wk.s and is still off as we speak till he see's another dr. on wed. We would appreciate all the prayer's we can get. Luv ya'll.
Brenda Segura

Prayers are being requested for 4 yr. old Dallas Doucet from Lake Charles, diagnosed with leukemia. Please pray for him and his family.

I want to thank all the prayer warriors for all your prayers. My son found a good job today.
Debra Fusilier

Please add my Mom, Elsie B, her back is giving her lots of pain, especially while laying down.

Day 2 of treatment for Bailey has started... Please pray for her as yesterday her blood pressure dropped extremely low... Thanks for all the prayers as I know that's what gets her through this!
Brooke Leon

We have a cousin from Houston, Nonie Landry, she will be 81 years old this coming Sunday the 5th of December 2010. She's the youngest 81 year old person you can imagine, active & healthy. This past August, 3 months ago, she needed a hip replacement. The recovery went along well, as expected, then a couple of days ago as she was bending to reach in her refrigerator, she felt the hip pop out of place, very painful. But as her husband straightened her out, it popped back into place. Then she went exercise at her gym as she's done daily the last 50 years, but of course cautiously. Then today, as she was sitting in the hot tub at the gym, the hip popped out of place again, so very painful, and the life guard saw about her as someone else went get her husband Leland who was exercising on the treadmill. They called 911, the ambulance came to get her, at the hospital they had to cut her swimsuit off of her, and they did another surgery, so she is back at "square one!" She is very discouraged, although she is an optimistic person and hopeful, and so accepting of God's will.
please keep Nonie in your prayers. Thank you so very much...Maddie Besse

Dear all,

The Hospital yesterday confirmed that Gaurav has a very rare complication of Measles (which he had at age 2 yrs), this is a delayed viral infection called SSPE ( subacute sclerosing Pan Encephalitis) . The doctors think he is in stage 2 of this condition and are not at all optimistic about the prognosis. They think that inspite of the anti viral treatment most patients live between 6-12 months. The Senior Lady Neurologist here at the Sickkids Hospital in Toronto said the best she has seen till now is 2 years survival. Param and I believe in Miracles and would like to believe that Gaurav will come out of this completely.
Today he is undergoing a surgery to install a small reservoir under his scalp to facilitate direct instillation of antiviral medication into his brain.

We would like to seek your help in the following ways:
1.Prayers for Gaurav to get the best possible treatment
and recover completely.
2. Let your family and friends send their prayers too.
3. Let us know about any one who has recovered from this condition.
4. Tell us if you know of any conventional/unconventional treatment process that may help.
5. Let us know of any special prayers etc that may help.

We feel blessed to have you in our life.
Thanks and God bless you.
Param & Asim

Best Wishes
Dr Asim Ghoshal

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharon-diagnosed with rare, unoperable, untreatable brain tumor. Please pray for healing and conversion.
Maribeth J

My daughter Becky has got shingles in her optic nerve. Pray that she doesn't loose her eyesight.

Please say the Conversion prayer for:1. My family, Linda, Christina, Billy, Bob, and Bonnie2. For Kristine and her family3. For Sharon and her family4. For Jenae and her familyO Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You. Bill

"I desire that you know more profoundly the love that burns in My Heart for souls, and you will understand this when you meditate upon My Passion. Call upon My mercy on behalf of sinners; I desire their salvation. When you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and with faith on behalf of some sinner, I will give him the grace of conversion. This is the prayer: O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You" (Diary 187).