Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear Jay,

Please pray for the woman with the frbromalgia. That is a
tough disease.

Also, please pray for my test that will be Feb. 18. I am asking
Gods Diivne Mercy for the outcome.

Thanks and God bless you all.

In His Mercy,

I have been having problems with my back.Presently –going through testing.Please bring forth the reason that I’m in discomfort.Hopefully I will have the answer soon. Thankyou Joanne

PlEASE PRAY FOR: I am requesting not as much for me and my family, but for a gentleman who has metastatic malignant melanoma of the brain stem. He has had surgery and found it's spread to his chest, jaw,scalp and brain. He has an only daughter, whom has muscular dystrophy. Prayers for his family would be appreciated, his name is David Lowes.
Our prayer need is financial, my husband David and I have diabetes and he has a large heart, has been hospitalized last yr three times for it. Our daughter, Heather Gurnow, has a brain lesion that's called venous angioma, she has basically fallen away from the church also. My husband was hospitalized 3 times last year for congestive heart failure, he is disabled and cannot do mechanics work like he used to. I appreciated any and all prayers received. God bless you all also!!
date: January 29, 2010 - 06:09 pm CM

for mum suffering alot and dying and big brother still suffering alot with cancer/pain management for their peaceful deaths. and for all of us to get through all this. L

Dear Friends,
Please, pray for this mother...
...there are lot of people who are struggling...trials and tribulations...unemployed, sick, serious illness...again, please pray !
Thank You !
......for all Your prayers....

Dear Friends
....................again...I am asking for prayers.....look at the mail from a loving mother as she is asking to pray for her little "angel" - daughter Kaitlyn....
..also, still pray for Clara G.(thyroid cancer), other little "angel" 6 months old Natalie (as You remember - her second heart surgery -month ago)...., please, please , if You belong to any Prayer groups, Charismatic Prayer Group, Cenacles ,Legion of Mary...pray for them offer decade of Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy...and please ask Your friends to also can happen to us...
Mathew 18:20
Thank You, for responding to this call 1

Please pray:
> We ask that you join us in prayer for God's guidance in the planning,
> preparation and presenting of a Morning of Men's Spirituality on Mar 20,
> 2010 at St. Ann's church in Bartlett.
> We are praying that God will call 500 to 1000 men to be with us on this
> special morning as we seek to know, love and serve Our God more each day.
> Thanks so very much for your prayer support.
> God's peace,
> Bob Trainor

Dear Jay, please pray for the following:

Please pray for Rebecca, 23 year old, who will undergo brain surgery this week. For Pat who has asked prayers for her family as well.

For Rebecca's father who is home from Iraq for the surgery.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please Pray for Mardy Kay L. She died suddenly Pray for our Son to come back to the Catholic Church.Please also pray for our Familys that they follow Divine Mercy.
Carol H

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On of my sister(blood sister) is going to have brain surgery tomorrow at 8.30 am in India , which is our 10.00 Pm tonight.her name is Little Flower. please keep her in your prayer.thank you and God bless SLM

Unfortunately, I just found out that our visiting Priest for the
past year, Fr. Kenneth Ojomah died yesterday in Nigeria.
Let us pray together for the repose of his precious soul,
and the comfort of his family and friends, in Jesus' Name Amen. B

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pam Miller - that she sees improvement in her condition and also a miracle for a complete recovery. G

Dear Jay, I am Mary Oliver’s husband. She is one of your prayer chain members. I am emailing to ask for prayers for my sister Liz Strong who has been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing an extensive surgery starting in a matter of minutes. I ask that you pray for a successful surgery, that she will be given strength to endure her pain and suffering and that she be cured of her cancer and be able to live many more years to enjoy her children and grand-children. I thank you for you for your consideration and the wonderful ministry that you and your prayer chain members fulfill.

Frank Oliver

Please pray for Linda's Mother. E

Pray for the soul of Bob. P

Dear Prayer Warriors!

Two things:

1) The Archdiocese of San Antonio is having a marriage preparation retreat (Fri Jan 29-Sun Jan 31) for those preparing for marriage. Please pray for the leaders to have courage and energy, and for the retreatants to have an open heart to the plan that God has for their marriage.

2) I am giving a talk (Sun Jan 31) to a youth group event called XLT St. Joseph Catholic Church - Honey Creek, TX. Please pray for the youth, that their hearts may be open to receive the love of Christ, and that I may prepare well and be a conduit of the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you all for your sacrifices.

Be at peace.

In the Heart of Our Mother,
Steve Pokorny

The love of husband and wife is the force that welds society together.
St. John Chrysostom

ST FAUSTINA- THIS IS AND DIRE EMEGENCY- I NEED YOU TO PRAY 4- JUDY-COOGLE, CARL-B-PAULA-CARL. the person that took dads pocket-watch feels lots-lots-of guilt and gives it back to him. Sherri

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Please pray that I will pass the Florida Real Estate Exam Jan 26th. I am in need of a job - I have been unemployed for 7 months and really need a job. I am taking the State Exam for Real Estate so that I can become a Sales Associate and start bringing in an income. I appreciate the blessings of Our Heavenly Father - and I thank the Saints for praying for me.

In Jesus Name


Please pray for Sister Leona,who has breast cancer and is having a mastectomy on Feb. 3rd. Please also pray for Pat B,, who is fighting cancer. Let us remember all those who have cancer and also their families, and not forget Haiti. Thank you for all your prayers. Love,Betty

The School counselor's sister will deliver a baby next Tuesday - Jan.26th and is not expected to live through the process. That's all I know- please pray for this young woman. Thanks, E

Please pray for little Elyssa, who has cancer. Pray for infant Noah, who is in ICU with health problems,and remember their families. Thank you, Betty


Please pray for my daughter-in-law's mother (Kathe H.) who is in very dire need, mentally and physically and for her children who suffer with her. Thank you. K

Please pray for Ms. Reitz who is sick. E

Repose of the soul of Franchino Ricco. Please pray for him. Carmela

Friday, January 22, 2010

Women going to give birth and mother is not expected to live. Please pray. E

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hi Jay,

I am looking for prayers for Rosa Mae and her family she has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Update on Wayne he is doing really well just started driving occasionally, still uses a walker his right knee hyper extends so walking is a problem has tried a few different braces just hasn't found the right one. God has been good after what Wayne went through he is lucky he is walking. Shannon has serious disk problems. and has been told by one doctor she would have to live with the pain, I told her to get a second opinion, but prayers are most important. Thank you and all who continue to pray for my family. God has bless us with all of you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Repose of the osul of Roy Piper and Mr Sanders. MJ

Saint Faustina please pray for Kevin and Jocelyn that God will help them to change their hearts, through the Divine mercy, Amen Sarah

Dear Jay.


For the soul of Mr. Sanders teacher who died Sat, Jan 16 his funeral is today

For a mother whose son is going to Iraq, we pray for his safety

For Mercedes( pray-er) who has been ill since Christmas. Unable to shake of chest congestion

For Roy( pray-er) 80 year old, fell and fractured his shoulder.

Saint Faustina please pray for Kevin and Jocelyn that God will help them to change their hearts, through the Divine mercy, Amen Sarah

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please pray for Joan as she was dignosed with breast cancer. Pray that they are able to make the right decision for her.Please pray for Scott and his two little children. Their mom died at childbirth.Let us pray for all the people in Haiti.B

Please, pray for Joan, who has breast cancer. Pray that they will make the right desision with regard to her treatment. Thank you.B

I have been applying for jobs over a year now and have not received any response from any employer nor have I have been successful in finding a job. Please pray for me to get a casual job. Thank you.Jesus I Trust In You. Amen.Thank you Jesus in advance. A


Scott Jr

Debra Sister. Mary Margaret

For Diane Bricker and her family. Linda

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Jay,

Please pray!.......for this woman. Emergency!
Thank you.
Saw my doctor today and took x-rays. Some sort of "bronchial....
pleursy" type but. On another antibiotic and hope this will do the
cleansing and healing.
So grateful for your prayers.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Conversion of our two sons back into the Catholic ChurchBaptism of our 3yr. old granddaughter, AlysaProtection on all of our grandchildren, and that God will help them find their calling in this life. MR

Please pray for Dawn and Margery who had knee surgery and are in a great deal of pain, having trouble with medications for pain which are causing many problems, and struggling with rehab. Thank you. Paula

please pray for gracita martinez, she is in the brink of death, we are just waiting for the hour of her death, she was battling cancer. Edna

Please pray for the people of Haiti. J

pray for Teresa M. J

Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes In JESUS Name...Pray GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now In JESUS Name...Pray GOD raises me a mile above Satan and those used by Satan to glorify GOD In JESUS Name...Pray GOD Blesses me financially now and always In JESUS Name...Pray GOD heals my body completely In JESUS Name.Pray GOD brings me my soulmate if its meant for me to be married,if its not meant for me to be married Pray GOD takes away all desires to be with any woman In JESUS Name ...............Please give this prayer request to your Prayer Warriors,church staff or do whatever you want with this prayer request...Phil

This is a heartfelt prayer for the people and especially the women of Haiti that God will be with them in their time of need. Please send this on.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Diane Bricker and her family. Linda P

Please pray for Camille B, she is 28 years old, diagnosed with uterine cancer- surgery planned 1/21/2010- she has been married 4 years and has a 3 year old little girl. she and her husband wanted more children. They are mourning their loss. Please pray for my brother, Richard G who just had surgery for prostate cancer. Thanks MK

URGENT- I GET EVERYTHING I OREDERED FROM THE MAIL, and i get that rosary from london . w-c- god changes her heart and she e-mails me and tells me she is sending me some surprises. milcent- gives me all of them cakes 4-free and women-daughtor-give me those p.j.s i loose a lot of weight on w.w. moms drs donr run in to trouble when they take her port out. DAD GIVES ME THAT POCKET WATCH AFTER HE TAKES IT TO BE FIXED.sherri