Friday, August 24, 2018

Please pray for Jen. J

Special Request. S

Thanks for keeping him in your prayers.....he had an ATV accident three weeks ago and has had to surgeries on his ankle since. He know has a blood vac on his ankle.....praying for quick recovery. Mr A

Special Request. Norm

Special Request. Donna

Special Request. Donna

Martha, a lector and good Catholic has mnay health problems, diabetics, COPD a myriad of other issues, needs a reasonable place to live an affordable place near a church and other normal needs. Please pray that she will be able to find one soon as her lease is coming due soon. Thank you. S

Special Request. Patrick

Special Request. Selena

we need prayers for our family & especially for our son & his family - reason unknown but what ever it is, it is causing grave concern & heart ache - we need communications, peace, love & joy to fill their hearts & to remove any & all negative that may be causing grief - God knows the need - God please help where help is needed & send angels to be of comfort & strength & bring peace - We ask God to bless all those who pray for these intentions. JMJ

Thursday, August 23, 2018

JoAnne G is the pt and the Arena's are her family. Bryan

Special Request. D

Special Request. D

Special Request. D

Special Request. T
Special Request. TR
Special Request. B

Emergency prayers are needed for a young woman Jennifer with a perforated stomach, just take into surgery, Drs. said many prayers needed. This is emergency situation. 8-8-18  Thank you and God Bless you. Shane

Special Request. B

Special Request. R

Special Request. Trenton

 Please pray for a some special intentions. Thank you. B
Special Request. Shona