Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Lords Passion  precious blood protectthe world andus. Lovely
For GOD'S blessings,favor,graces and mercies upon me. For the power of the MOST HIGH GOD to overshadow me.For GOD to make me successful in my class 3 deck unlimited certificateof competency course both in the orals and written exams. Emojevwe

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Father for myself to become more like Jesus I pray that you remove the scales from Pauline and Pauls eyes.I pray for wisdom in relationship with friends.

Dear Brother,


Thank you for inviting us to give our prayer requests. On the spiritual front it has been a very difficult time these last few weeks as so many of my dear ones are going through so much of agony and suffering.


Please pray for:


1. Akshada's mother who is in her final stages of cancer. The doctors have given up hope on her. Akshada is my daughter's friend at college.


2. For Reena, diagnosed with breast cancer.


3. For Dr.Shibu , a man who loves the Lord, has multiple organ failure. His vocal chord is partially paralysed though now he is able to speak a little. His hands have shrivelled. Though biposy results for the liver has come, the doctors are not undertanding what's wrong with him. Now they are going to do a kidney biopsy too. He has 5 children aged from 5 years to 10 years. His son is also in the hospital for boils.


4. For Charles, a young man, diagnosed with brain tumour and the doctors say nothing can be done about it.


5. For Liza's uncle and aunty who have separated in their old age. This aunt has been going through enormous physical and mental abuse and she has moved out of the house. Her children though big are going through a lot of trauma.


6. For my son Rohan, who has been displaying anxiety disorders.


7. For Amit and Jennifer's marriage. Amit wants reconciliation but Jennifer wants to separate.


8. For Daniel and Mary who are entangled in marital problems and wish to resolve their issues.


9. For Thomas, my friend's son who is pursuing his studies in the US. He has obsessive compulsive disorder and so has a different personality which is not easy to put up with.

Thank you Brother. God bless you and the ministry of Divine Mercy for upholding these prayer requests.


Warm regards and prayers,



 Father for myself to become more like Jesus I pray that you remove the scales from Pauline and Pauls eyes.I pray for wisdom in relationship with friends. Elaine

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For Geri who is dying. RoseAnn
Peace be with your spirit; For my Divine Mercy Novena & other prayers, prayers of prayer partners, & for the prosperity of the people and this website and their supporters, in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God, amen. Adam
 I got selected for a job abroad, i pray that i start as soon as possible and i shouldnt have any problems with my paperworks. Augustine

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Most Holy Apostle St. Jude faithful servant and friendof JESUS,the name of the traitor who delivered thy Beloved Master into the hands of His enemies hascaused thee to be forgotten by many.But the Church honors and invokes thee universally as the Patron ofHopelesscases,of thing despaird of.Pray for me who am so miserable.MCome to my assistance in this greatneed that i may receive the consolations and help from Heaven in all my necessities tribulations and sufferings,(particularly) and that i  Joe
Liza has asked for urgent prayers for Levy who is in a coma fighting for his life.  Thank you.  May God bless you and all on this website. Iris
thanks and praise the precious blood of Christ, Lovely

Monday, March 25, 2013

 I ask for peace in my family among my adult children. I ask for my prodigal daughter,Julia, the gift of repentance,the blinders to come off of her eyes to see her actions as God would have her see. That this relationship which has her standing outside of Jesus will dry up and become barren. That this relationship which once gave her pleasure will give none and that the novelty of it will be gone. Please ask for God to give her intense longing to return to him and in turn to us . Glenda
praise and thanks to the lord thanks for keeping me in prayers . Lovely

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jay B:  injured in a work accident.  Has had surgery on his shoulder and neck is injured.  Please Lord, help him to heal completely and be able to get back to work.  James O:  In hospital with an infection.  Please Lord, help him heal completely and be able to get bak to work.Janet O: James' elderly mother was hospitalized with pneumonia.  Please let her get well and live a while longer.   St Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
Jesus Mercy, heal Katie, St Faustina pray for Katie, who is my young, married niece, and has a breast tumour as large as a golf ball. Holy Mother Mary, St Joseph pray for her and her family. Thank you, Betty

Saturday, March 23, 2013

thanks to the precious blood and for keeping me in prayer MUMPRAY FORMUM DOLL/ BUBU/BOB DIPTI. Lovely
Please pray for Phil and Richard. Jay
Dear Lord & St. Faustina, I pray to you for my physical healing. Have Mercy On Me. Linda L
Please pray for me Miss Valene to get a  permanent job as a English and History teacher. Valene
pray for anindyo/ rhea/ dipti. Lovely
I have been suspended off work for about two days.I know the reason of my suspension and I'm not seeking any kind of sympathy.I know I shouldn't have done it.........and now I'm just thinking if I get sacked how will I repay all my debts........I was stupid for falling into a trap...............please God let me have my job back..........I really need it.Intercede for me BVM,St Faustina,All you Angels and Saints. Andrew

Friday, March 22, 2013

I ask for Prayer for my Son's position of employment. Give him strength and Peace also. Thank You Dearest St Faustina.  Jesus we Trust in You!!! Lu
Requests for prayers received from:Feliciafor her husband Gregory who is on a respirator in hospital. Prayers for him to be healed and for his family to have strength to accept God's Holy Will./For Bill  who suffered a serious heart attack and has a blood clot in his artery.// Alcira . She is in  ICU AFTER SUFFERING A HEART ATTAck./ A special re-quest from  Maryann for our Lord to send His Holy Spirit upon her to make her understand a computer program that is being in... Iris
that the divine mercy prayer will be posted every where. Lovely
praise and thanks for infilling of holy spirit in the precious blood for strength /properpsysiotherapy /straight hand the plate and hooks will melt in your precious blood
keep praying for peace in the world. Lovely
 praise and thanks pls keep me in prayers from good friday 3pm  to divine mercy feast and later on regards. Lovely

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mary K:  In ICU with complications relating to her lung cancer.  She wants to live but is so near death.  Her life is in your hands, Lord.  Please bring comfort to her and her family.  St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
From our Cenacle:  Irene's special intentions.  Martha P:  surgery on March 26.Rosemarie's intentions.RCIA members preparing spiritually for Easter.Ralph's family:  strengthening of faith.Chris:  recovering from surgery for ovarian and other cancer.  Pathology report isn't in yet.  Priests:  God's graces in abundance during Holy Week and Easter.   St. Faustina pray for us. maribeth
praise and thanks. Lovely
thanks praise the precious blood precious blood i know strength is coming the  hand is straight soft tissues are healing iwill berock fine bone is set by your precious bloodthe plate and hooks are melted in your precious blood. Lovely

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My uncle died in the bus tragedy that took place in khed on the way from goa to bombay in India.  I pray for his soul to rest in peace; until we meet again. Mathilda
let the prayer of divine mercy be learned by all thanks /praise. LoveLu
For Shirley, who is very gravely ill. Roseann
For John, 87, who is very gravely ill. Rose Ann

Monday, March 18, 2013

for daughter, who is very lost spiritually, has fallen away from attending church entirely and is living a life of sin.  For her to turn away from the sinful lifestyle, repent, and return to her faith that I know is buried deep down inside her.  Thanks and God Bless! Lisa
Dear Divine Mercy prayer group,     JESUS I  TRUST IN YOU Please  pray for - Mother. Delphine Mary FIH - who is having cancer in her throat.once again thank you for all you prayers. Iam continue to pray  with you. Trusting in His Mercy. Sr.Amelia Mary
Please pray for Deanna who is very anxious.  Has lump in her left breast. Has 2 girls (10 @ 14).  Her husband suffered a stroke  and the family depends on her for everything.  Will be having a biopsy on Tuesday.  Pls pray that  God will heal her and help the family.  Thank you. May Our Lord bless you and all on this website. Iris
nirbhaya should get justice for agirl who is writing her ssc exams for allthe abused children /rape victims /people infear /domestic matters fr jose ministry of divine mercy in chembur ashrammy motherstrengthen her my overall health i shd remain happy cheerful my old self let mighty jesus cover me fly the world and all the people in his precious blood thanks praise the lord Lovely
pray for infilling of holy spirit /strength peace /protection /i know my hand will be perfectly fine by Easterprecious blood dissolve my plate and hooks from the right hand keep me healthy and a Gods disciple PRAY FROM GOOD FRIDAY TO EASTER AND LATER KEEP ME IN PRAYERS thanks and praise
for removing wires put  3 years allwires tobe removedin the legpraise and thanks. Lovely
mother health/peace long life sis -      2 bro-goodlife patnerinfilling of holy spirit unity in fly keep healthy /bubu/wires in his leg shd be completely removed by the precious blood of christbob -one side opened uppraise and thanks. Lovely

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Please pray for me, Donny.  I fell again in the watching x-rated fare, lust & self abuse. I lasted a week, then fell again. I am also under immense stress and also fell in the area of rage, hatred, and dishonoring and even loathing and briefly wishing death on one of my parents (long history of abuses in the past here). Pls ask God to put me back  into the state of Grace with Perfect Contrition IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE, even BEFORE I go to Confession and to help me stop falling

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dara C:  She is having early labor.  Please pray she will deliver a healthy baby in God's timing.  Barb W:  Will have thyroid removed Ap 1.  Please pray for successful surgery, no cancer, and healing of body mind and spirit.    Najad S:  He is in ICU.  Also please pray for wife Mary and son and his family.  St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
All planning a Divine Mercy Sunday Solemn Celebration.  To be totally receptive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  All souls He is calling to attend that they will heed the call and come.  For the priests/deacons leading these services that their hearts will be deeply touched by the Message of Mercy and become Deciples of Divine Mercy. St. Faustina pray for us.  Maribeth
Please pray that my daughter Ellen  will be successful in her application for a job as an E.M.T.with the Ambulance Service. Please pray that my daughter Judith's house problem will be resolved to every ones satisfaction. Please pray that the friendship between my self John and Michael  will be blessed by God and be life long please God. John
Please pray for my Uncle Bob who lives alone & yet wants to stay independent although in a wheelchair and is about to have another toe removed. Chris

Friday, March 15, 2013

Please pray with me for Mary's intetnions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especiall for my son Chris. Kathleen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please pray for Jim.  He had bladder cancer surgery.  Had a CT scan and now has to go for   a gastroscopy.  Jim and his wife, Pat are very nervous about this.  St Peregrine, Saint Faustina, St Joseph, St Patrick please pray for Jim and Pat.  Thank you, Betty
Ernie Lubiani Dennis Bockhold. GB
pls pray for my sister in-law named APOL that she may find peace in her heart and acceptance in passing away of her only child kent. pls pray that she recover so soon, find comfort and healing knowing that God is always in control.pray that she learn to let go and move forward. God have mercy on her. Maricris
praise and thanks to lord iam sure the lord will sent infilling of Holy Spirit mercy precious blood of Jesus heal faster set the bones in the precious blood and melt the plate /hooks   PRAY CONTINOUSLY.  Lovely
Prayer Request: Let us all pray and beg the Holy Spirit to fill each Cardinal that is in the Conclave with his divine presance. For all the Cardinals to be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and obay his voice. And pick the Pope according to Gods will. Sha

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prayer for the Conclave:


Heavenly Father, we pray in union with the whole Church for the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Cardinals. May the Princes of the Church listen attentively to Your Spirit during the conclave.
Almighty God, we pray that the conclave brings us a Pope who pleases You by guiding Your Church to grow in faithfulness to You. We pray together with the intercession of our Mother Mary and all the Saints. Please Lord, protect and guide your Church during this time of transition.


Please pray for sharne. Thank you very much. S
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, especiall for Kim (who has influenza A) and her unborn baby Rosa.  Thank you. Kathleen

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Please, pray for Tillie, who is having Cancer surgery on her breast and is very depressed.  St Faustina, St Joseph and St Patrick pray for her, Betty

Prayer for the Conclave:


Heavenly Father, we pray in union with the whole Church for the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Cardinals. May the Princes of the Church listen attentively to Your Spirit during the conclave.
Almighty God, we pray that the conclave brings us a Pope who pleases You by guiding Your Church to grow in faithfulness to You. We pray together with the intercession of our Mother Mary and all the Saints. Please Lord, protect and guide your Church during this time of transition.


Sadly Brigid's mother aborted her yesterday please pray for her and the intended parent's who are mourning her death.  The birth mother aborted her out of vengence because the courts gave her son to the father for custody. I don't know her name but this woman really needs prayers let's pray for Brigid's mother.  Thank  you. Shane
I am praying that God will help me in his grace to be Holy, and also, for all the single seekin for life partner, as catholic, and a life partner from catholic, God fearing, and also that life partner that will put God first in all thing.I am praying for the souls in purgatory, for conversion of sinners in the whole world, for God to touch these souls.I am also praying that God should grant us good health, jobs opportunity not that job that will not make us to serve God in truth & in spirit.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Judi R: In hospital with heart problems.  Please pray for good medical diagnosis and care.  Pray for her family also.  They are very worried.  St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
Pete has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is in a hospice facility.  Please pray for Pete in all he needs and God's will to be done.  Also please pray for his wife Jane and the rest of the family.Carolyn and Carson N:  grandparents and legal guardians of Carson, Willie and Violet.  Each have battens decease.  Please pray for the Lord to meet each of their needs as they live through this very difficult time.  St. Faustina pray for us. Maribeth

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Please pray for my neice, a mother of thirteen children, who is working two jobs, then still must come home and do loads of laundry and much more.  She is near the breaking point.  Her husband, a big, strong, healthy man needs prayers, so he will support his family and not stay home doing nothing.  All you mothers, who know what I am saying, please pray espesially for her.  St Faustina, St Joseph, St Monica, Sorrowful Mother Mary,  Please I BEG You help this Family.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Please pray that the Rising Family get much needed relief in their sufferings, both physical and temporal.  And that the much needed voicebox  needed by Ken will  come about.  That Joan his wife, will have some relief from all the  pressures put on her at this time. Shane
Praying for all souls near death that they will have complete converson of Heart Mind and Soul before meeting our Beloved Savior. Especially for Jeri, Godfrey, and that baby Brigid will be saved from abortion that she may be safely handed to the adoptive parents.  Brigids mother will have a complete conversion of heart mind and soul.  I also pray for all parents thinking of having an abortion that by the grace of God they will have a complete awaking to the fact that the carry is a real person.
For Baby Brigid, whose mother is threatening to abort her out of spite.  Divine Mercy of God, please touch the mother's heart to spare this precious child. Roseann
For Dee, who is hospitalized with severe intestinal problems.
For Shirley, who has dementia that is progressing, that God may grant her His healing, comfort and peace.
For Godfrey, that God may grant him His healing, comfort and peace. Roseann

Pray for Cecille's mom. JH
 Please pray for my prodigal daughter,Julia, taht this relationship she is in that has her standing outside of Jesus will dry up and become barren, That it will no longer bring either of them pleasure anymore and that the novelty of it will wear off. Please pray for her to return to  God, her Catholic faith and to her earthly parents. I ask for prayers for God to give her the gift of repentance and whatever famine in her life that will bring her back again. Thank  you for your prayers. Glenda
For Alex, who suffers from kidney disease and a hernia. Roseann
Lillian and Laura S:  Lillian is in her 80s and experiencing various health problems.  Laura is her daughter who takes care of her.  Please pray for both of them with all their health and financial problems.  St. Faustina pray for us.
Justine:  has been sentenced to 2 yrs in prison.  Please pray for his safety and that God will use this time to bring him closer to himself and turn his life around.  Please pray for Patty, Abigail and the rest of his family. Judi R:  In the hospital for heart tests but other health issues came up postponing the tests.  We put her and her health care givers in your hands, Lord.  Your will be done.  Give her and her family your peace.  St Faustina pray for us. Maribeth
That God and Jesus of Divine Mercy will give me the permanent job they have for me URGENTLY.I have been looking for work for almost 2 years. Maria
Thank you Divine Mercy,Mother Mary and St.Faustina for answering my prayers.Praise the Lord and All the Angels and Saints thank you once again.Always remember The Lord said Ask and you will recieve. Seek and you will find.Knock and it will be open.Maria

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Please pray for me to be completely and permanently healed of an autoimmune disease.Xavier
Please pray for me to lift out of this depression. And to find a husband that God wants for me. Angela
I ask for Sandy and Pedro Jr. who are very ill and will soon see our Lord may God have mercy onn their souls. Thank You. Grizel
Please pray for Juan who is not doing Gods will and is choosing to do his will that  he may do Gods will. That God may send away anyone who will lead him to the wrong path. Grizel

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Please pray for Jamie ,Jodi and Randy to make the right decisions in the case of their mother who is dying of COPD, where to stay in her last days.  Please pray for Jeri who is dying and in much need of prayers to the Divine Mercy.  Thank You Shane
Dearest  Divine Mercy prayer group,Please pray for my niece (Neethu ) who is having High School test on March 11th to March 23rd that will determine her future study. love.Sr.Amelia Mary
Thank you for all your prayers.  Mark passed his Electritions exam.  God bless all of you and all the saints that assisted him. Betty
Jay please keep us in your prayers tommorrow we get the results from Frankies bone scan JESUS i TRUST in YOUPray that OUR LORD will BLESS us with Good News JESUS I TRUST IN YOU

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp for Brian and Jenny, Jake, Kathy E, Jim W., the Ward family and for the repose of the soul of Kiley H.  Thank you. Kathleen
Intentions from our Divine Mercy Cenacle.Irene's special intentions.RCIA Inquirers and candidates.Tom's special intentions.Jacque:  hip replacement Mar 6, successful surgery and recovery.Alice:  Multiple health problems some she has had for a long time, others new issues.  Good health care. That she will unite her suffering with Jesus on the Cross. St. Faustina pray for us.
Mamotaj age:57, of Merul, Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh , High blood pressure, critical kidney problem, so that no dialysis is needed and kidney condition improves, please pray for healing. Niaz
Please pray for Jennifer, Grayson, Michelle, Gerald, Donna, Babetta, Joanna,Rene' and Donna, also Laurie and Peggy and Maureen- that they experience Divine Mercy and are blessed in every way
Please pray for Bernard, Kay, Michael, John H, John B, Thomas F, Donald, Maureen H ,Cody, Kathleen,and Tom B. Thankyou and God Bless your Ministry. John

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I want to pray for an indian family in Australia who is wanting to sell their hotel as its causing a lot of financial stress. Pls pray that God may send a buyer and help this family to get rid of debts that have been pilling up since years. this is an urgent prayer request as the family is striving hard to run this business. Sapna
I want to pray for my mothers (Rajni) health, she suffers from a lot of body pain and its hard for all of us to see her. I ask the lord to heal her and strengthen her to cope with the years ahead, She is currently 58 years old.especially pray for the healing of her heart and good health. Sapna
Lord I offer up my parents and sisters brother and fly for their salvation. My dad Tan, My Mom Lim ,my sisters Tan Suak  and Fly, Tan Sam  and fly and Tan Siow and fly. My brother Tan Seng  and fly. Tracy
Prayers needed for a young man late 40's who is suffering terrible from a brain tumor, it just showed up within the past two weeks, he has two young children and a wife please pray if it's God's will that this young man has a miracle.Also please pray for a young woman who is very poor who had money saved for a badly needed van for family.  The 4000.00 was either lost or stolen please pray this is found again or returned. Shane
My aunt Karen is 61 and desperately needs a kidney transplant, or else even with dialysis she will die by Christmas.  We are also concerned that her doctor is deliberately withholding information in order to hurt my aunt.  Please pray that Karen will be able to find a donor soon and receive a transplant quickly with no problems.  Please pray that we all have the courage and strength to face the medical trials of dialysis and that God comforts us all.  Also pray that her doctor will be honest and. Desiree

Friday, March 1, 2013

merciful Jesus please help me, i am under a lot of pressure at this time, and i am very stressed, i suffer from depression and i am worried how bad things can get again. Jesus please help me to carry this burden. Donna
Please pray for a healing for a young woman in her 50s she has facial cancer it is eating away at her face and they can't give any treatments because of her eyes.  Her name is Sally.  Also please pray for Gregory and Billy who have addictions big time.  Thank you so much. Shane