Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dear St. Faustina, I am a mother in total desperation to have my daughter stop an inappropriate relationship with another woman.  She is being drawn in by the devil himself and is going down a road of complete deceit, for herself and for her family, and God himself, who is very saddened by this relationship.  She has lied about it, she refuses to stop seeing her, she refuses to see that it is inappropriate or wrong.  She is so desperate for love she will do anything for it. Thank you, Amen. D.

Please pray that my wifes med app goes well today, also please pray for world peace. Brian
fits and anxiety fear problem to be cleared no way in life. Angelica

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please pray  with me for Mary"s intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp for Bernadette K. that she will completely recover from cardiac myopathy. Thank you. Kathleen
Dear Divine Mercy Prayer group, Please pray for Jeremy who is searching for Permanent  job for more than a year now. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU . Sr Amelia Mary
Please pray for healing of Marlee's severe eye condition. Roseann

Please pray for Fred, who is having some medical problems. Roseann

Dear Divine Mercy Prayer group,Please pray for Peggy who asked for  healing from colen cancer.Jesus I Trust in You. Sr Amelia Mary

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

That through the intercession of Mother Mary, St. Faustina and St.Therese of the Child Jesus, that I, Alexander Chung, am completely and totally consecrated to Jesus and Mother Mary, and by the Holy Spirit am continually converted, and by the infinite merits of the passion of Christ, that I live this consecration in love, conviction and truth. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC

Divine Mercy Prayer group,Please pray for Sara , Mathew, Victoria , a return to the faith.Jesus I Trust in You. Sr Amelia Mary
Dear Divine Mercy Prayer group,Please pray for Alyssa  (in prison) and her mother Donna. And their mother and grand mother Jacky is worried about them. Jesus I Trust in You Sr.Amelia
A PRAYER FOR PEACE!Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other(Severe financial misery,health issues,other losses and deaths..) Ongoing Sorrows…Feb.23rd.Lent,Holy Week,March,April,May..2015,2016..??Dear Community of Prayer,Thank you for praying with us daily for God's Healing and Protecting Peace!Recovery is very slow made harder by severe financial misery and other sorrows!Please continue to pray with us daily(Lent,Holy Week,Easter & through out 2015..?? Long Term?)for Go
Bill and Carol

Monday, February 23, 2015

From our Cenacle meeting:1.  Mike S:  Special intention2.  Mary Lou C:  Special intention St. Faustina pray for us,  Jesus have mercy, Jesus we trust in You.  Maribeth
Please pray that Susan's heart catherization tomorrow is negative for any heart problems.  Roseann

Sunday, February 22, 2015

For the Mens cursillo on Feb 26-March 1st please pray for the team and canidates This is in the Crookston Diocease and for the women cursilloMarch 19 -22 please pray for good Canidates.  Mary Lou

Please pray for Shirley who has bowel cancer and is have surgery at 2 pm on Monday 23.02.15 Patrice
Please pray for world peace, and all of our health requests. T.B.N. God bless the U.S.A. !!!!! Brian

Friday, February 20, 2015

For all coming to the Healing Mass. J
Eternal Father please grant me the grace to discern Your Will and to immediately obey.  Thank you for protecting the children.  Have mercy on my husband, forgive him. Thank You, Lord for all You have done/provided for me and my family.  Margaret

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eternal Father please grant me the grace to discern Your Will and to immediately obey.  Thank you for protecting the children.  Have mercy on my husband, forgive him. Thank You, Lord for all You have done/provided for me and my family.  Margaret

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

please pray that all of my novenas this ger answered. brian

Monday, February 16, 2015

 Please pray for the people involved in the car accidents and pileups on the 90, that happend on saturday. Also please pray for world peace, and all of out intentions today. brian

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Irene:  A former Cenacle member who moved away.  Suffered a stroke effecting her vision a few months ago.   She's been working hard to lose weight to improve her overall health.  She has blood work and followup appointments with her doctors Feb 24, 25.  She asks for our prayers.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy. Jesus we trust in You. MAribeth

Sarah:  women in 30s. Has had breast cancer and treatment within the past year.   We prayed for her for that.  Now she needs another biopsy this coming Wed.  She and her family are scared.  Let's put her in God's merciful hands and ask for her healing.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth

Dear Divine Mercy prayer group,Please pray for Albert and Alfred (14 years old) who are away from their mother( Bindhu Philip) almost six years in different country. She is eagerly waiting for her children.  The Supreme court make her part success  she will get back her children. Jesus I Trust in You. Sr Amelia Mary
Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp. for Katie who will have a seriouc cardiac procedure next week. thank you. Kathleen

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dennis J:  My husband.  Has multiple medical problems.  Please pray for good medical professional to treat him. Please pray for health of body, mind and spirit.  St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus I trust in You. Maribeth

Friday, February 13, 2015

Please pray for all of my intentions this week and wekend, Also please pray for the usa and its trustees. Please pray that all those trustees make good honest decisions that will positively effect our children for many years to come. Brian

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Divine Mercy Sunday service at St Rose:  for the first time we are going to have a bilingual service.  Deacon Roger who is bilingual will conduct the service.  Please pray for us to be attentive to the Holy Spirit's leading as we plan how to go about doing this.  We need lots of graces.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth

1.Linda s:  fell sustaining 2 spinal fractures, in rehab facility, has lots of pain and is depressed.  She was dealing with back pain before this happened.  Please pray for her and her family.  2.  Rosemarie:  our Cenacle member with breast cancer.  Her chemo is over, she's awaiting a mastectomy followed by radiation.  Please continue prayers for her and her family.  St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in you. Maribeth
Please pray for my neighbor Mike who was found dead today.  He was a good person but also an alcoholic and he led a very sad and strange life and had some mental issues as well.  He was raised in the Catholic faith but did not attend Mass, and he was a loner who had almost no family or friends and was a troubled soul.  Please pray that Mike will now be at peace with God and pray also that his soul is at peace and that he feels the love of our Savior. Desiree
 I would like to thank God and all saints who have helped me find my faith and keep it strong.  St. Faustina and St. Kateri have helped me wonderfully.  I am sure that if I keep praying to them and to God and keep praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, all things will get better.  God Bless the USA and this website. Terri

Please pray for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer and must undergo chemotherapy, for complete healing and  that her return to the Catholic faith will bring her comfort and strength. Roseann

please pray for world peace. Please pray for my intentions this week.  Also please pray for my wife she has a problem with her gi track.  God bless all,  AND MOST OF ALL GOD BLESS THIS MALFUNTIONING CORPERATION WE CALL THE USA.  Dear God please protect the usa from people that resent our ways of life.  Brian
Please pray for world peace and my wife terri she has some problems with her gi track. Brian

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Divine Mercy Prayer group,I would like to ask you to pray for Santhosh  who is seeking for a job and his family is depending on his Job.JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. Sr Amelia Mary

Monday, February 9, 2015

I would like to ask you for your prayer for three sisters - Martha with higly advanced stage of multiple sclerosis, for years not able to accept her illness, full of deep bitterness, hidden before God and people, Dana, her caretaker, very exhausted physically and spiritually, and Jana with many years lasting deep depressions. Please pray for every grace they all need. May God richly bless you. Jana

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Please pray tor physical and emotional healing for my brother, John.  Also, please pray for  a successful surgery he is to have this coming Friday, 2/13.Thank you very much. Mary

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dear st Faustina pray for us please pray for my health and for my job to be blessed i wish i had a computer at my house so that i could see and read all the prayer mails and try reply them but no problem please pray that one day i may be able to manage in getting  please pray for my daughter jessica for her exam  that she do good in her exams please pray for my husband that he may be a responsible  person in the family and try to understand the needs of the family and live god loving life. Helen

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lord Jesus I pray for your divine Mercy and Grace in every aspect of my life. Thank you and Blessed Mother for all you help this far. Please turn my life around. I pray that this adoption goes through as well as my oldest son's isssues are cured and that he stays in Catholic School. I pray for full time work and my house is in need of complete repair. I pray my annulment papers are completed and granted. I pray for a good life that is pleasing to you and that we are free from the darkness. Mercy, Jim

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Please pray for the people that run this website, that thay can keep doing this because it helps lots of people. Also please pray for world peace. Please pray for this country the USA. Please pray for my mother and father and all of my relatives.  Please pray for my children and my wife.  Brian
Dear community, please pray for the coming referendum in Slovakia (7.2.) for legislative protection of God intended marriage and wise sexual education of childen. Please pray for very much light and wisdom for all citizens, there are great misinterpretations due to media manipulation. Lord, have mercy on us. God bless you. Jana

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Please pray for successful surgery for Frank (age 90) if he has to have  an operation for an abdominal aneurysm. Please pray for guidance for his wife Dorothy and his family who have some tough decisions to make. Many Thanks for your prayers. Tom
Please pray that we have a good sunday today. Pray that the message in church gets a through.Brian