Thursday, October 31, 2013

praise and thanks pray for everything. Bubu
praise and thanks cut and break I am sure ved and a all unwanted people will dissapear from his life pray get a christian value girl stop drinking regards

Dear everyone,Please pray for my brother-in-law ,Ashley who has some problems regarding his job.  He is working in Kuwait but have still not got his visa which you require as otherwise you could be behind bars.  He spoke to his company 's higher personnel but they dont seem to be bothered.  So, please pray very hard for the same.  Also please pray for his good health as he has some illness related problems, i.e. sugar, tensions, pressure.  Pray that he never goes to his alcohol & stop smoking.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Please pray for miraculous recovery and healing for Bob R. of Pennsylvania, who is now paralyzed after an accidental fall last week.  Asking for this miracle through the awesome Name of Jesus.  Thank you for your generous prayers.  God's abundant blessings upon all of you.
Prayer request for Jill who had 6 hours to live is out of coma and appears to be doing well.  Thank you much for the prayers.  Jill will still needs transplant at least now maybe a family member will match. Pray needed for Judy who has nodule on her lung it is enclosed in a lobe so it will require surgery to remove the cancer, hopefully this will take care of the problem without further treatment.  Prayers needed for Jenifer addicted to drugs medically needs surgery to correct a previous one.
Prayers neede for a dying person don't know name.Prayers neede for Trevor and brother who are addicted to drugs.  One of the these young men are incarerated. Also prayers needed for Greg, Lou, Billy, Missy, her mother who all have addictions. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For George, who is having a pacemaker replaced, that no oher health problems will be discovered and for his wife Pat who is very concerned for him. Roseann
For Kathy, who is an alcoholic and experiencing financial and family problems,For Joann, who is experiencing severe side effects from a medication she is taking for her arthritis.For a priest who has cancer.For Lauren who is recuperating from an appendectomy, for a full recovery.For Ralph, who has a diseased gall bladder and will be having surgery on Nov. 14.For blessings on owners and employees at JMJ Catholic book store in Bethel Park, PA.For a priest who has asked for prayers.
Please pray my  son, Christopher who took an illegal drugand started having mental problems. Thank you, MaRY

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Divine Mercy Group,Please pray foe my brother having a hard time in his work dealing with a case. He is tensed about it so much. Thank you for the prayers.
Sr Christabel

Sunday, October 27, 2013

i pray that lord almighty forgives me for my sin n blesses me my dear soulmate for i seek to marry...its been long n wish to settle in life with a good spouse..Tejal
i pray that lord almighty forgives me for my sin n blesses me my dear soulmate for i seek to marry...its been long n wish to settle in life with a good spouse..Tejal
i need finances please help me to get it thru prayers...thnk u..Tejal

Also, we ask for help from the Infant Jesus of Prague.
for Richard who has aterrible bowel problem .  Needed urgent prayers that they can stop the bleeding and he doesn;t need to be transferred to a major hospital.   For Danny who is in jail for drugs.   for Barb that she can take care of her grandkids and God protects her health and brings her family back to the faith.

Please offer the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for me, Donald R., for the following intentions I beg you:(1) Preservation of me from ALL Mortal Sin ALWAYS.(2) The wiping out of ALL my financial debts.(3) That I get, FAST, a good, LIVING-wage JOB.Please these intentions are desperate and URGENT.Thank you and God bless all of you so much!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prayer needed for two little boy twins who had to be taken from their mom and are  in the NICU they each weigh aroumd 1 pound pleae pray that these children are healed and live  a healthy life.Also prayers needed for Sally who has face cancer has had several tumors removed and now they have sewn her eye shut.  She is jewish an d I pray for her conversion and also that she will be healed. Her daughter Sarah will be married in a year and this yound woman needs prayers as well. 
Shane B

For peace in the heart of Liz step mother and mother in law of Sally who has face cancer.  Being given a hard time by family members because she is making meals etc. for Sally and family. She is such a g ood woman.  Also for a fellow who has a blockage.For Judy who had a tumor in her lungs burst.  Thank you for the prayers.
Shane B
i need mercy from this casio teacher for the fees n willingness to teach dishita..Tejal

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Allison M:  In hospital on machines due to carbon monoxide poisioning.  Her husband, Craig died from this.  They have a 3 yr old, Carly.  Please pray for Allison's  complete recovery.  Also for those caring for Carly during this time.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.

Monday, October 21, 2013

pray for my sons Annderw ,Stephen come back tofaith and Sacrament. Dorian control anger.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

From our Cenacle: 1. For more members to join the Legion of Mary at St Rose in Murfreesboro, TN. 2.  Irene: For health problems especially eyes and heart.3.  The suffering children in Syria and everywhere.4.  The poor souls in purgatory.5.  Mary B:  Has a colonoscopy this week.6.  Janet:  as she awaits biopsy results.St Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy,  Jesus we trust in You.
for the salvation and healing of Ryan.   They think his liver shut down.   He is in critical condition.  Also for the salvation for his two children and the rest of his family.   He does a lot of drinking.
From our Cenacle:   1.  Daniel:  a student at MTSU.  That a Catholic student will lead him into the Catholic faith.2..Ann:  that she will hear the calling of the Holy Spirit to the Catholic faith.3.  Christopher:  recovering from brain surgery.  For his family; father, brothers and sisters.4. Olga:  Has vision problems, seeing 2 specialists.5.  Tammy:  possible job move to Florida.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stella, an 89 year old woman very active in the church, had hip surgery 3 months ago appeared to heal fine then she just started with pain doc  thinks  the bone may be cauing this please pray for StellaAlso just received a phone call a woman in her 60s' dying at hepresent time her name is Gail please pray for her and family.  God  Bless you
Shane B
I want to pray for Mark 24 years who is suffering from Dengue Fever and has been just admitted to the hospital. Also want to pray for Matthew 11 years who has high fever as well. Request you to pray urgently for the Lobo family and especially for Mark and Matthew. Thanks

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Could you kindly keep Maria in prayer.  Her cancer has come back and when her brother spoke to her today, she was crying in pain as she was going through intense pain.  The brother has found it very hard to work today after hearing his sister's voice. I urgently request for fervent prayers, that God in His great Mercy, Love and Compassion grant her comfort and healings through her sufferings. Thank you for your prayer support. MF
Please pray with me for Mary's intetnions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, esp for Katie S,Kathy E, Eric S, Kevin M, Chris, Erin and kids.  thank you

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1.Rhonda:  A grandmother taking guardianship of Lance 5yr and Hannah 8.  Parents into meth, have asked Rhonda to take children because they can't care for them.  Please pray that she will receive every grace she needs to do this. 2.  James:  unable to work after bad car accident.  His wife, Mary, has had to quite work to care for him and their small child.  Please pray for healing, financial help, all graces needed. St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You. Maribeth
for healing of my patient Reymar. Edna
Please pray for the soul of Roga that  just  passed away .Pray for Dona that is having cancer and will be having surgery on the 22nd of this month. Thank you for all your prayres. God bless you all. Sharnez
Urgent Prayer for the following; Msgr Deptula who is one of the people promoting the cause of Archbishop Sheen and also wants Sister Faustinia to intercede for Catherine Burke Cresso who has nut midline cancer.Thanks. Also for Kettlie, who needs a lung transplant. Last one that came in was only 35%eligible. Time is of the essence and she has a husband Gary and a 16yr old daughter . Please also pray heavy for them. Thank you and God Bless. Fran

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hi, please pray for me to get out of my financial mess and get my Loan release as soon as possible . I had suffered badly for the past 6 years. Thanks. Joanna
Please pray for Marilyn although she is a Catholic, she believes the bible says Our Blessed Mother had other children.  Quite adamant about this. Shane
1. Donna: in hospital with intestinal problems. Please pray for her healing without surgery.2. Buddy:  has 4th stage cirosis of liver and diabetes.  He doesn't express any faith.  Please pray for his conversion before death.3.  Janet: has biopsy Thurs.  Please pray it is not cancerous.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Prayer needed for woman who has done so much for devotion to Mary, been hurt terribly from husband and is having a very hard time forgiving.  Please pray for Darlene.Also for Joan and Jack who have recently lost a child to overdose.  Also for Brenda who has just moved to a new town and needs to meet friends.   For all people living in sin that they will return to God.   Also for Joan suffering from Multilple  Myloma
Alice S:  healing of a broken and crushed shoulder.9 yr old boy (? name),  had a rupture in his brain.  Is slowly recovering but has a long way to go.  Please pray for both these people and their families and medical teams supporting them.  St. Faustina pray for us.Jesus have mercy.  Jesus we trust in You.
For Lizzie, that she may remain safe with her foster family and not returned to abusive parents.For Sal, who is having a pacemaker inserted today.In thanksgiving for the generosity of Susan and John who made my weekend retreat possible.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Divine Mercy I pray with you & ask you for your prayers for me for a full recovery from my surgery. Pray my wounds willheall well especially mylymph nodes cuts which are causing me pain. I pray for all others too everyday Divine Mercy.

thanks pray for mum /bubu
Vic and 83 year old man has been taken home to ide.  He is comatose and his 4 children are traveling to see him before he passes.   No known religious affiliation is known for childenr or vic Please pray that he has total conversiont to Jesus as  he passes.also Prays needed for Bob  who some kind of systemic infection and can't have the needed heart surgery until  this is cleared up.Audrey who is dying please pray for her.  Thank you

Thursday, October 10, 2013

For healing of my friend Jacque's dad, who was admitted to the hospital with chest pains. Roseann
Please pray that my anxiety/depression will get better,and a can find peace.  I need to put all my trust in Him.Jesus King of Mercy I Trust You.Thank you
Please pray to St.Faustina to help me,save me and protect me from the present crisis, I am facing in my life.
VM Gupta
For healing for Bill, who has acute myeloid leukemiaFor a blessed retreat weekend for me and Susan and all those attending and directing.For ongoing blessings on  Frank Kelly's ministry

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joe and wife Jerri:  We have been praying for them.  Joe had a lung transplant a few weeks ago.  His body is now trying to reject the lung.  God please help his body accept this new lung and bring him good health.  Please bless Jerri with health of body, mind and spirit.  The stress of all this is so hard on her.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus have mercy,  Jesus we trust in You.

Monday, October 7, 2013

for Donna deliverance from unity..increased faith
For Reinhold Dally who passed away September 29th.  For the repose of his soul., For his spouse of 54 years, Angela, for Gods comfort and for his daughters, Cheryl and Lisa as well.Thank you
Repose of the soul of Reinhold Dally, my dad who passed away September 29th.  For the family of Reinhold that they feel Gods embrace of comfort and peace during this time. For Angela, his spouse of 54 years.  May their fond memories together give her peace as well. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Divine Mercy please pray for me as I start on a new medication that it agrees with me & I will be alright and help me in the future. I pray for all others too who are in a similar situation & keep them in my prayers always.

Friday, October 4, 2013

I would like to ask you for a prayer that Lord helps us solve many bureaucratic and other complications connected with buyingmy apartment. It is very important to work it out quickly, otherwise I may loose very much money. God bless you!
Name is Alex, I had unprotected sex with a friend. I have now seem some STD symptoms and am very worried. Could you please pray for me that these symptoms are not permanent or life threatening. I am visiting the doctor today please may the tests be negative.Please pray that the lord helps me be a better Christian and learn from my mistakes.Thanks.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Please add Justin G to your prayer line: Justin G., a high school student, who is suffering from Crohn's  Disease and who is in severe pain for a possible gall bladder attack. Please pray that he will soon be able to be diagnosed, treated, and free from pain. Thank you  
Please add the following to your prayer line:Theresa 82, who is having a knee replacement on Monday, 10/7Phil S. who is being tested for prostate cancerJohn B. receiving dialysis and suspect possible tumor on kidneys which may be shutting down.  Thanks. Mary
Please be with me J M J & St  Faustina when I have my laser eye surgey  My Guardian angel watch over me.
Carp. H

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Please pray for me the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy to implore the LORD to rescue me from my $50,000 debts, to grant me a JOB with a LIVING WAGE, and to GRANT ME A MIRACULOUS NEST EGG, a modest one, because I am 53 and cannot afford to start from nothing again.  I have NO savings whatsoever and am mentally ill and emotionally ill as well. Thank you so very much, I am at my wit's end. Mr. Dale
1.Mark:  52 yr old man diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Further tests and treatment plan coming up.  2.  Family members and extended family members who think hauntings are from dead relatives and who seek advise of mediums.  That they will be open to the truth and be willing to give up these practices.  For Jamie who will be presenting the truth to them as learned from Fr. Dan Campra at the Holy Souls Conference.  St. Faustina pray for us.  Jesus mercy.  Jesus we trust in you.
Please pray a chaplet of Divine Mercy for me immediately, please, against my "besetting Carnal sin" (God knows what it is), AND for God to PLEASE grant me immediate victory over my anger, rage and bitterness and same sex attraction.  I do not mind that this is posted with these explicit requests. Thank you so very very much and God bless all of you.
Prayer that Lola's breast ultrasound will come back negative for breast cancer. Gigi

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Divine Mercy I want to give thanks & praise to you for all my test results which were all clear. I thank the good Lord for being at my side & letting me trust in him. Thank you Divine Mercy I will always pray to you for others too.

praise and thank s deliverance for bubu pls lord a shd not return
praise and thanks lord we shd win ashas matter/get bail /anindya matter /lapasiyas matter bail /zore matter win /finances shd improve my patesand hooks shd be removed i shd get a good catholic friend