Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Let us storm heaven and ask Our Lord to have mercy on us heal our land and give us godly people to govern our beloved land. Dear Heavenly Father Have Mercy on us sinners and we beg you to hear our prayers. For God to guide all the voters inspire them to vote and elect leaders that are Christ centered , honest, Pro life, leaders that love this great land, leaders that will uphold the constitution, leaders that will Trust in the lord with all their heart and will not rely on their own understanding and in all their ways would be mindful of the Lord, As school boards members, US representatives, Senators, Governors, Lt. Governors, Secretary of State, State Auditors State Representatives, Judicial offices, Couonty Officers, City officers Lord we ask you to remove those who might try to unjustly and illegally change the outcome of the voting. " (Isa. 28 :17) We thank and praise you for your great mercy, pray in Jesus name. Shanai

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